Makeup Artist Shares Stunning Photos Of Brides After Getting Their Makeup Done

I gotta admit, one of the most challenging aspects of getting ready for my wedding is going to be getting the makeup right. Since I lack the skills, I'm going to have to trust someone to do it for me.

Finding that right person is definitely half the battle. So looking at the before-and-after pictures of brides' transformations that this makeup artist does is truly inspiring.

Arber Bytyqi is a makeup artist and beauty influencer extraordinaire.

The looks he creates are totally going to blow you away. His passion is to transform ladies to be the best that they can be — especially when it comes to their wedding day.

The way he approaches his clients is to first find out what is the occasion they're getting ready for.

Then he finds out if they have any special requests in terms of their look. And of course, he wants to see the dress, too.

You can get a lot of inspiration from the style of the dress the bride-to-be has picked out.

It's all in the details, as they say. Once he figures that out, it's time to create his signature look. It can be dramatic or more subtle in nature.

Then, he analyzes the ladies' facial features and gears the makeup toward their unique look.

Once the transformation takes place it's pretty incredible when you see the final results. This lady, in particular, looks like she's about 10 years younger here, no?

It's been a long time coming for Arber to become a makeup artist.

He's been fascinated by the art since a young age. Unfortunately, because of where he grew up his family wasn't supportive of his future profession so he had ended up with a Master's degree in economics.

Finally, he ended up pursuing his career of choice and now he's so popular he works tirelessly.

In fact, during the wedding season, he sees as many as 60 clients in one day. Wow, isn't that absolutely amazing or what?

I bet his family is really proud of him now that he's made so much of himself.

And, brides from all walks of life want him to create a beautiful look for their special day. Doesn't this lady look so refreshed here?

It's so surprising what makeup can really do to someone's look.

This lady looked so much different in her before picture. Now she looks like she's ready to shine bright on her wedding day. I wonder if the groom will recognize her, hee, hee.

Wow, get a load of this lady's stunning look.

Doesn't she look like she could be some sort of royalty? Oh my goodness, her makeup is absolutely gorgeous here. And, I can't get over the length of her hair.

Here's an example of amping up your look for your wedding day.

This lady went from plain Jane to a gorgeous bride in just a few short moments. I think she's going to make one pretty bride on her special day.

Speaking of plain, here's another amazing makeover.

This lady looks like she's gained some more confidence after she had her makeup styled by Arber. Her smile in the after picture pretty much says it all. I think she's ready to take on the day.

OMG, I can't get over how incredible this woman looks here.

She's gone from girl next door to a pageant winner or something like that. What do you think? Isn't this final transformation really impressive? I love her eye makeup.

Wow, I can't even believe this is the same person here in this stunning transformation. Am I right?

Talk about a true Cinderella story here. This lady looks absolutely amazing after her makeup was done by this skillful makeup artist.

Arber will add a little oomph to your look for your wedding day just like he did for this lovely lady.

Isn't she beautifully transformed here? I love how big and pretty her eyes are in this final makeover.

This lady went from sweet and innocent to va-va-voom on her wedding day, ha, ha!

I bet her fiancé will be quite smitten with her look once he sees her walking down the aisle like this. I think everybody will adore this look.

Troubled skin doesn't have anything on Arber when it comes to his skillful hands in makeup.

Just check out what he was able to do with this pretty lady's look here. That's amazing if you ask me. Am I right?

How do you want to look on your special day?

Is it something like this? Well, if it is, you better show your makeup artist this photo and hope that they can make magic happen just like Arber did for this woman here.

I'm not a fan of updos on my wedding day, but if you are, this might be what you're looking for.

How gorgeous is this lady's makeup here? I simply adore it from her eyebrows to her chin, ha, ha!

What woman doesn't want to look like a bombshell on her wedding day?

I think, secretly, that's what we all are after. Or, at least for the groom to get swept off their feet. Well, mission accomplished. Don't you think?

If you're looking for that "cheekbones for days" kind of makeup look, I think Arber accomplished it here.

This lady has got that Kim K vibe going for her, and I've got to admit I do like it a lot, hee, hee!

Channeling your inner queen shouldn't be that hard. Don't you think?

When I look at this woman's makeover, she instantly makes me think of royalty. Her beauty is shining through even with all that makeup on her. I'm totally impressed with this look.

Talk about a refined and polished look here, huh?

This gorgeous bride is going to blow everyone away with her stunning makeover here. It's hard to believe that this is even the same woman. Her makeup is lovely, and I adore it.

Wow, I'm truly shocked by what some people can do with makeup these days.

I'm lucky if I don't mess up my smoky eye and that's all I can say about it, hee, hee. I bet these ladies had the most wonderful weddings.

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