10+ Mistakes From 'The Santa Clause' Fans Didn't Catch

The holiday season is right around the corner! If you're anything like me, that means plenty of nights ahead spent warm and cozy, binge-watching your favorite holiday hits!

In my household, The Santa Clause has become a Christmas tradition. It's without a doubt, one of my all-time favorites. It does, however, make its fair share of mistakes.

See for yourself with these 10+ mistakes from The Santa Clause fans didn't catch.

There's something going on with Charlie's book.

Right before Charlie falls asleep, Scott reads the poem "The Night Before Christmas."

If you look closely at the pages as the camera pans between Scott and Charlie, you can see the pages change drastically.

That horizon really doesn't look like Chicago.

Have a look at Scott and Charlie as they're coming into Chicago after a busy night delivering presents.

Over one side of the sleigh, you can clearly see mountains. I know. I'm as perplexed as you are.

Neil's wallet doesn't seem to stay put.

You'll notice this at Charlie's soccer game. After seeing the long line of children waiting to tell Scott what they want for Christmas, Neil hands Scott his card and says "Call me."

As they're walking away, he puts his wallet in his back pocket for a second time.

Is Laura secretly Canadian?

It's a fair question to ask, especially since the car she's driving as she picks Charlie up from Scott's house has Alberta plates on the rear.

I suppose it's possible, what do you think?

The fireplace extinguishes itself mid-scene.

Toward the end of the movie, Scott makes an appearance at Laura and Neil's house. Before he leaves, Laura runs to get the custody papers and then throws them in the fire.

When the camera cuts, the once-roaring fire is gone!

The fireman is wrong about 3rd-degree burns.

Right before Scott gives his presentation to Charlie's class, the kids are traumatized by fireman O'Hara.

He explains to them that nothing is more painful than a 3rd-degree burn, but this actually isn't the case.

3rd-degree burns destroy the nerve cells. Most of the time, the victims feel nothing.

E.L.F.S. on a wire.

One of my favorite parts of The Santa Clause as a kid was watching the E.L.F.S. rescue Charlie from off the roof.

If you look carefully, you can clearly see the wires that are holding them up.

Flame resistant and flame retardant aren't the same thing.

After designing the brand new Santa suit, Bernard proudly proclaims that since the suit is flame resistant, fireplaces will no longer be a problem.

Flame resistant doesn't mean flame-proof. Santa would still most certainly have to be very careful.

How does Santa manage to land on the lawn?

When Scott first yells up to the roof and causes Santa to fall, his trajectory is directly in line with Scott.

Which means he should have fallen on the bare pavement, not the snow-filled lawn.

Who ate Scott's cookie?

When Scott and Charlie first arrive at the North Pole, Scott is given a cookie by one of the elves. As Bernard begins to explain "The Santa Clause" in-depth, the cookie goes from being whole to bitten, without Scott ever taking a bite.

Did Santa's sleigh just vanish out of thin air?

Shortly after they begin delivering presents, Scott is arrested for trespassing.

When the E.L.F.S. come to the rescue, they find Charlie sitting alone on the roof. What happened to the sleigh and the reindeer?

Does Scott have a magical tie-pin?

Try and pay close attention to Scott's tie-pin when he gives his career-day presentation to Charlie's class.

As the camera cuts, the pin changes drastically: from green and round to diamond and square-shaped.

What's a Beer Store doing in *Illinois*?

If you look carefully as Scott and Charlie pull into Denny's parking lot, you should be able to see an orange sign that reads The Beer Store.

The Beer Store is where inhabitants of Ontario, Canada get their beer. I thought this movie was set in Chicago?

Is Santa real or not?

Little to no explanation is offered as to how or why children get their presents if the parents don't believe in Santa.

Who do they think drops off the packages in the night if not for the big guy in red?

That's not snow at all.

When Scott startles Santa at the beginning of the movie, watch as he begins to tumble off of the roof.

You'll notice that the 'snow' is really nothing more than a white mat that wrinkles as Santa falls.