DIY Outdoor Gnomes Prove There's No Place Like 'Gnome' This Holiday Season

Are you a gnome person? Well, I have great news for you: you can now turn your front yard into a fleet of holiday gnomes!

(Would that qualify as a holiday elf?)

If you have a yard that is begging for some holiday gnomes, look no further: we're here to tell you how.

So, tree gnomes.

They look exactly the way you expected, right? These cute little creatures are an easy and fun way to decorate your trees with your DIY skills — and trust me, not a lot of those are required!

Some even have beards!

If you want to get really wild with it, you can add a festive beard to your tree gnome! These ones are a great demonstration of how to do it on taller trees, no extra sewing required.

This one is made out of garland!

Some bulk garland bent and tucked up inside a little hat will work perfectly. Prop it up on a wreath stand and add in all your decorations!

These were made in a pretty unexpected way!

Pinterest | sue oelkers

Sue on Pinterest used some unexpected materials for hers:

"I buy Xmas table clothes at goodwill, I use almost anything I can get my hands on. Holiday Leggings work tucking one leg into the other then sewing what appears to be a V. Baby Afghans wrapped and tied, be creative."

The nose can be made out of anything you want.

While some people opt for wooden balls for the nose, you can make yours out of anything. A potato would work, or you could use a yarn ball! Some also use stuffed socks!

Here's what you'll need for yours:

To make a traditional gnome, you'll need some gloves, something for a nose, red fabric, and a tomato cage. The tomato cage is the most important part: it'll hold up the hat!

Don't worry, there are YouTube tutorials to help you along your gnome journey!

YouTuber Jennifer Tryon has a whole tutorial available on how to assemble your cage, sew the hat, and affix the potato nose! Her tutorial is incredibly easy to follow, so don't worry if you don't have many DIY skills!

You can also make little beards out of anything you want!

This cute gnome is sporting some Buffalo check gloves and a stick moustache. He is very fancy and I would totally hang out with him. Doesn't he look friendly?

So, what will your porch or lawn gnome look like?

Are you a fan of taller gnomes, and want to add a little hat to the top? Or do you want a pint-sized version to sit on your porch? Either way, don't forget those gloves!