Luke Combs Faces Backlash For Resurfaced 'Nasty' Tweets About Miley Cyrus And Other Stars

If you think you have even the slightest chance of becoming famous one day, you better watch what you say online! Unless, of course, you want to become famous for being a sassy person with opinions online (ahem, ahem), at which point, go ahead, but be aware that everything you put out on the internet is on there forever, and people WILL find it.

Especially if what you put on the internet is some trash talk.

Country music is known for its drama.

Normally, that drama mostly refers to the contents of the songs — who doesn't love a good story about love, betrayal, and drinking away your heartbreak on a sandy beach somewhere all accompanied by a plucky guitar and a voice as smooth as molasses?

Don't answer that. We don't have time for the country-haters around here. We're too busy digging up old tweets.

One person who's sung plenty of songs just like that is Luke Combs.

You probably recognize Luke's signature ginger beard, baseball cap, and smooth voice on his huge hits like 'When It Rains It Pours,' 'Beautiful Crazy,' 'Beer Never Broke My Heart,' and 'Lovin' On You' among tons of others.

Beer may never have broken his heart, but Twitter just might have.

Luke's star has been rising pretty sharply in the past few years.

With two hit albums under his belt and even a nomination for Entertainer Of The Year at the recent CMA awards (the title eventually went to Eric Church), it makes sense that fans would start looking back through his old tweets.

It doesn't exactly make sense, since I can't say I see the appeal in looking up what people said online years ago (I barely care what people are saying now), but it isn't unexpected.

Unfortunately, not everything Luke tweeted before he became famous is squeaky-clean.

Like most of us, Luke had some negative opinions of some celebrities, but unlike most of us, he became famous and people actually care about what he had to say.

Unfortunately for Luke, a lot of his tweets were negative about other stars, and fans are not happy with him.

Luke tweeted that Miley Cyrus was the reason he would be spanking his future children.

While some of the backlash was as simple as one fan tweeting "you're nasty," some went a bit further, with one Miley fan responding, "I'm so sorry for your future children."

Honestly, this tweet seems a little bit uncalled for, and that's coming from me.

He also offered some fashion advice.

Luke tweeted at Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj in 2011 that they should "stop dressing like Lady Gaga."

Now, I tend to not take a lot of fashion advice from men I don't know, but something tells me Katy and Nicki aren't turning to Luke Combs for their style inspiration.

Not that he seemed to be a big fan of Lady Gaga anyway.

Another old tweet involved Luke tweeting at Lady Gaga that she looked "just awful."

Fans were not happy about these tweets,. with one replying, "Have a good look at yourself first before you try to bring others down."

That's always a good piece of advice!

Many fans begged Luke to delete the old tweets.

Honestly, I don't understand why you wouldn't just start a brand new Twitter account when you got famous. I don't need anyone digging around in my old tweets to find reasons to "cancel" me. It just seems like common sense!

What do you make of all this drama?

Should we really be concerned with anything anyone said in 2011 on Twitter, whether they're famous or not? Or should Luke Combs have been more aware and deleted these old tweets before anyone had seen them? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!