6-Year-Old Boy Sparks Chain Reaction Of Kindness In McDonald's Drive Thru

A 6-year-old boy from Stockton, England, recently inspired a "pay-it-forward" chain reaction after he decided to spread some kindness in a McDonald's drive thru.

As BBC News reported, Blake Durham only intended to make one person's day a little bit brighter. But his heartwarming positivity quickly spread, making for a ripple effect of good deeds.

Last week, the youngster was ordering breakfast at the fast food chain with his mom when he got an idea.

He told his mom he "wanted to do something kind", so they decided to pay for the food the car behind them ordered.

As Blake told the BBC, he had only intended to make that first recipient "happy and let them have a good day."

What he didn't expect was that his small gesture would grow and grow until every car in that drive-thru was paying for the person behind them.

Unsplash | Oluwakorede Enoch Adeyanju

“We had to wait in a bay for our food and when we did the lady came out and told me everyone was now paying for the car behind and they are so happy and smiling, just think that chain reaction was caused by my little six-year-old’s gorgeous heart," Blake's mom, Amy Durham, told the Evening Gazette.

She added, “It costs barely anything to be kind, we are so happy we have spread some positivity."

While Blake's generosity inspired a massive movement of kindness, it was that first recipient who left the biggest impact on the youngster.

Unsplash | Thabang Mokoena

"I could see the man behind and the smile on his face and I said, 'look how happy you've made that man,' he was beaming," Amy recalled to BBC.

"It's amazing just a little boy's positivity like that can just cause a reaction like that."

h/t: BBC News, Evening Gazette