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Mom's DIY Bedroom Makeover For Her Little Girls Includes Genius Three-Person Bed

Do your kids ever bother you to makeover their room? That must get pretty old, huh? I bet you probably think it's way too expensive and totally hard to do?

Well, it doesn't have to be. This crafty mom DIYed her kids' room and made it exactly the way her kids wanted. You absolutely have to see how wonderful it all turned out.

Nicki Draycott's little girls asked for a “pink flower bedroom" and, boy, did they ever receive one.

Their mom went on a mission to make it over for them. Not only did she succeed but she did it on a budget.

She posted about her endeavor in a Facebook DIY group and everyone went wild when they saw her amazing room transformation.

People pretty much flipped out over how gorgeous and pretty she made it look. So, she decided to tell everyone just how she did it.

At the centerpiece of the room is this amazing bed.

This unique bunk bed consists of three individual beds that are interconnected and simply perfect for three little sisters. Apparently, Nicki purchased it from the company Steps 2 Beds Ltd on Facebook.

As it turns out this company will come into your home and build it for you.

Isn't that fabulous? Wow, that's super cool. They even have many different options for you to choose from. This is such an awesome idea.

This mom put a lot of thought into making this room special for her little girls.

She put up LED strip lights around the bed so it would light up like this at night. Doesn't that make for the most wonderful ambiance or what?

She painted the whole room in this dusty pink color with a darker accent wall behind the bed.

She also customized the bedding to fit the style and colors of the room. And, of course, she added plenty of special touches.

Nicki used six flower wall panels from The Cheshire Gift Company and medium fleece blankets from Dunelm.

She then folded the fabric to create such a beautiful shape. She adorned it with an artificial flower to make a statement like this.

She also put up a picture frame, more artificial flowers, and ordered name hoops from Facebook.

This way she was able to make this room as customized as possible and it allowed her to do it on a budget, too.

Wow, I gotta say I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out.

I think this is such a lovely idea for a little girls' room. What do you think of this transformation? Do you love it as much as I do?

h/t Bored Panda