Henry Winkler Is Meeting Fans To Raise Money For Wounded Veterans Of Iraq And Afghanistan

When you're a popular celebrity with a lot of influence, finding the best ways to use that influence can be tricky. Picking what causes to support and how must take a lot of time!

Henry Winkler has recently chosen to support an incredible cause, and he's doing so by auctioning off his own free time!

Henry Winkler is an iconic actor.

Of course, we all know and love him as The Fonz on Happy Days, but he's also shone in shows like Arrested Development, Parks And Recreation, and Barry.

Not only is he a talented actor, but he's also raising money for an amazing cause in a way that might mean you would get to (virtually) meet the man himself!

Henry is auctioning off a half-hour Zoom meeting with himself to raise money for veterans!

CNN reporter Jake Tapper shared the news, writing that Henry "isn't just a beloved acting icon he's also a prolific writer of children's books! Spend some time chatting with him!

All money goes to build specially-designed homes for severely wounded veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan."

Henry is also sending four autographed books to the winner.

If you're interested in bidding, you can check out the listing right here!

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