Texas Santa Creates Inflatable 'Snow Globe' For Socially Distanced Visits

As we wind down one of the longest years of all of our lives, December is coming up sooner than we realize. With 2020 ending, we know that this means Christmas is coming, everyone's favorite time of year. Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many families are trying to keep the spirit alive for their youngsters at home.

One of the biggest holiday traditions for many families is going to see Santa Claus.

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Whether it's at the local mall or a shopping center, going to see Santa Claus and take family photos is a tradition that families have done for dozens of years.

Many kids look forward to sitting on Santa's lap and telling him what they want for Christmas.

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Kids look forward to bringing their Christmas lists over to Santa's Workshop and telling him that they've been good, so they know what they want this year.

With COVID-19 on the rise in many places and social distancing mandates, it seems that seeing Santa is out of the question for many.

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Sitting on Santa's lap and taking pictures seems to be something that we can only dream about with COVID-19 upon us. It's not exactly social distancing if we're all close and comfortable.

Of course, this disappoints many kids as they look forward to seeing Santa all year long.

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Seeing Santa is something that all kids look forward to doing. And, many parents love the opportunity to take new family photos every year.

Luckily, one Santa in North Texas has found a way to make kid's dreams a reality for this holiday season, despite COVID-19.


The idea was brought to life by David Lewis, who began his career as Santa in 2012 at Irving Mall. He thought that of all years, this year was the year to spread holiday cheer to kids.

Lewis decided that all he needed to do was figure out a way to make it safe for COVID-19.

He decided to use a plastic "snow globe" that could keep everyone safely distanced but allow them to still have the holiday spirit.

It's easy to set up and reserve snow globe Santa, too.

Lewis has a calendar in which he allows people to "book" snow globe Santa for whatever day they would like or need. All he needs is a 110 outlet within 50 feet and a base area that's at least 20 feet square.

Additionally, Lewis has a microphone headset so everyone can hear him.

To talk to the kids, he has a headpiece that he wears so everyone can hear him. It may not be the same as sitting on Santa's lap, but it's nice to be able to see Santa up close.

Snow globe Santa is available for all families and companies to book for the holiday season.

To reserve Lewis for the day, it's $795. This includes Santa, the snow globe, and a sanitizing helper. Lewis suggests getting some decor and other things to make the experience even better.

See more information about this magical opportunity here.


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