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Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Hold An Entire Bottle Of Wine Will Get The Party Started

With November halfway over, it's time to get in the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving is coming up faster than any of us could have anticipated and before we know it, Christmas will be right behind it. We all know that this means one thing and one thing only: It's time to get your ugly sweaters out.

The best part about celebrating the holidays is having ugly sweater parties.

Everyone wears the ugliest sweater they can find, or they just wear a festive and funny holiday sweater. Either way, it's always a good time.

This year, if you want a good laugh and be the stand out of the party, this Etsy shop has you covered.

Etsy shop Berkleysbiz is selling an "ugly sweater" that has a stocking that fits an entire bottle of wine on the front. You read that right, an entire bottle!

There are different styles for everyone.

You can pick from four different styles and colors, but each of the sweaters still holds the entire bottle of wine so you can easily get your wine on at your party.

The sweaters go for $49.99 on the Etsy shop.

"Get your drink on with this Christmas Sweater at your Ugly Sweater Party this holiday season!! These sweaters have been re-created from vintage to modern styles some are ugly and some are cute either way they will make you shine and hold your wine this Christmas!"

Check out the sweater selection here and order one before it's too late.

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