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2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season Broke Records With Nearly A Month Left

The Subtropical storm named Theta is the 29th major Atlantic storm of 2020. This is a new record. The previous high was 28 storms in 2005.

This makes this year the stormiest in the 170 years of recorded history. Meanwhile, hurricane Eta is still active. The warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico have strengthened Eta. If the hurricane continues, it might become the longest November hurricane on record.

Hurricane Facts

A hurricane is defined as a tropical cyclone with wind speeds up to 64 knots. If the wind is faster, it is classified as a "Major Hurricane".

The Hurricane season off of the Atlantic is between June 1 to November 30. In 2020, we have already seen 11 hurricanes and 18 tropical storms! Although this season was expected to be more active, this amounts to far more storms than predicted.

The season isn't over yet.

Although November is almost over, marking the end of the storm season, there is time for another storm. Meteorologists are watching the Caribbean Sea.

There is a 70% chance that another storm will develop. If so, that will be the 30th storm this season.

What is with the Greek letters?

Normally, storms are given names, but this season has seen so many storms, that we have run out of names. The World Meteorological Organization has a list of 21 male and female names that are used in rotation to name storms.

There are 21, not 26 names, because no storms start with the letters Q, U, X, Y, or Z. Once these names were exhausted, meteorologists used Greek letters to name the storms.

Hurricanes are dangerous!

If you are in an affected area along the Atlantic be careful out there! During a hurricane, it is important to stay indoors, turn off your electricity, and listen to emergency broadcasts.

Before a storm, be sure to prepare for such an emergency situation. And for the safety of rescue crews, if an evacuation is ordered in your area, follow it.

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