Man Feeding Kitten On Subway Has The Whole Internet Saying 'D'aww!'

We could all use some good, wholesome news right now. You know, the kind that just restores our faith that even if humanity as a whole seems to suck sometimes, there are individuals out there who are just plain good.

That's probably why a simply image of a guy on a subway skyrocketed to viral fame recently.

The image is simple: a man seated in the corner of an NYC subway car, bottle-feeding a tiny kitten.


The world is just so chaotic right now that such a simple act of kindness toward something small and helpless touched thousands of hearts.

The photo was snapped by Gillian Rogers, who was on her way home when she noticed the scene.

As the founder of Pet Rescue Squad Inc., Gillian was particularly touched by the moment and shared it, not realizing how many other people around the world would resonate with it too.

It seems clear that everyone was just looking for the same feeling that Gillian didn't realize she needed.

"I felt joyful — like, it renewed my faith in humanity. There are still decent people out there," she told The Dodo.

Before leaving the train, Gillian asked the man about the kitten.

He told her that he'd found the tiny animal alone between two buildings and couldn't bring himself to leave it.

From the way the kitten looked up at him as it drank from the bottle, the rescue was very much appreciated.

h/t: The Dodo

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