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Baby Will Gobble Up All The Compliments In This Cute Crochet Turkey Outfit

Turkeys aren't known for being the cutest animal — delicious, sure; cute, not so much. But crochet a colorful turkey hat and diaper cover, put it on a baby, and we've truly never seen any fowl quite so adorable.

Yes, Etsy has done it yet again by delivering this unbelievably cute turkey ensemble for babies that will make for the most unforgettable Thanksgiving photo ops.

There's just something about crochet and cute babies that will have us endlessly thankful this Thanksgiving season.

There's no calling foul on this outfit.

Etsy | thebabypea

These crochet outfits are made in sizes from newborn to 12 months, and include a beanie and a matching diaper cover. They're made from acrylic yarn, and are ready to ship in one to two weeks.

The possibilities truly are endless for when Baby can sport this get-up — Thanksgiving, Halloween, Tuesday — but it would also make a super sweet and festive "take me home from the hospital" outfit.

As if your baby wasn't already cute enough to eat!

Etsy | thebabypea

Look at that beanie hat! It has adorable large, round eyes, a beak with a snood, and colorful feathers that stick up. It's almost too much cuteness to bear.

Of course, if your little one is out of their preemie phase, The Baby Pea also makes equally adorable turkey toques. They're just as festive and warm, and will make for just as many memorable Instagram posts.

There are no two waddles about it: this is one fantastic and functional outfit.

Etsy | thebabypea

Maybe your baby won't know just how cute they are, but they will probably be feeling pretty warm and cozy in their crochet.

Whether it's for a loved one or your own baby, these outfits and the perfect combination of adorable and practical, and we're here for it.

We would like seconds on this look and definitely thirds on the photos.

Etsy | thebabypea

You'll soon find that neither you nor your loved ones will be able to get enough of these outfits for your little ones. But there's no need to double up on turkeys. The Baby Pea also makes other adorable animal outfits, including frogs and puppies. (OMG, puppies!)

These turkey crochet outfits are available on The Baby Pea for around $35, depending on the size.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so let us know if you're planning on getting one and — obviously — show us the pics!

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