Fans Defend Leonardo DiCaprio After Trolls Shame Him For 'Dad Bod'

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most iconic men in Hollywood. There's no denying he's talented, philanthropic and insanely handsome.

It's Leonardo Di-friggin-Caprio, for goodness sake!

So when some publications and Twitter trolls tried to shame the 46-year-old actor for his "dad bod," fans began standing up for the beloved movie star on social media.

Everyone has their favorite Leonardo DiCaprio film. It's like having a favorite ice-cream flavor, or favorite Starbucks drink — IT'S JUST HUMAN NATURE!

Of course, I believe Titanic is his best, but who doesn't love The Wolf of Wallstreet, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Inception?!

However, it seems that being an Academy Award winning actor does not spare you from the hateful trolls on social media.

So when shirtless pictures of the actor went viral, people felt way too comfortable body shaming him.

"Leo is the king of the Dadbod," tweeted @saucethatrock.

However, fans quickly began defending the actor by pointing out how MESSED UP IT IS to comment on someone's weight!

PSA — There's obviously nothing wrong with dad bods, it's just never okay to make fun of someone's weight!

Brian E truly said it best, "Screw that. He's a human being; we shouldn't be expecting celebrities to always look like works of art or whatever."

"I'm about to turn 33, and I'd love looking half as good as Leo," he concluded.


I think it's safe to say the body shaming didn't sit well with most people on Twitter, which gives me hope for the future of social media!

Leo is confident, talented, HANDSOME AF and cares about the planet — what's not to love?!

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