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There's A Machine That Will Make All Of Your Knitting Projects A Breeze

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a knitting newbie, a lot of fun can be had with these awesome knitting machines. They're especially handy for those with a big project or two on the go, and only so much time to have them completed.

Sometimes our hands just can't move fast enough or we just need a little help getting started.

There's talent in every single thread.

Popular TikToker and Instagram influencer @kaytedid86 has been quite the trendsetter when it comes to her adorable knit creations.

She's known for her bright color pop creations that are fun and expertly made.

Use this machine with your tight knit friends.

@kaytedid86 and some of her friends recently made a TikTok video that got everyone's attention.

The video playfully featured an adorable pink and white knitting machine that got a whole lot of love and interest from viewers.

We can't really blame them either, we were also dying for answers, so we got them.

We found it, and of course it's on Amazon.


The Sentro Knitting Machine was spotted in @kaytedid86's video and it's easily accessible on Amazon.

It's a rotating double knit loom machine kit that's ideal for both adults and children. It includes 48 pins, and is made with high quality and durable plastic that is designed to be completely beginner friendly.

According to the description, you just “screw the yarn into the spindle and turn the crank to knit your own masterpiece.” Easy peasy!

It's time to get those projects finished!

For those of you who know someone who's always starting knitting projects and never finishing them — or if you're one of those people — this will feel like it's heaven sent.

The Sentro Knitting Machine is currently unavailable on Amazon, but can be found on beadadyxyarn.com.

From beanies to scarves, there's something for everyone to enjoy working on, plus this machine is just so cute!

Let us know what you think about this knitting machine in the comments.