New Grinch And Buddy The Elf Build-A-Bears Will Restore Your Faith In Christmas And Cuteness

Christmas is upon us and you know what that means: it's cuddle season. Time to cuddle up to a warm fire, a cozy blanket, and maybe even a snuggly Build-A-Bear. And this Christmas the latter will be extra special thanks to the new Grinch and Buddy the Elf Build-A-Bears.

Taking their cues from two holiday movie classics, each bear comes with its own unique features and represents the spirit of the holidays.

Of course, this year, the Grinch might be even more welcomed by some, considering how different Christmas will look for many families. But then again, Buddy's undeniable cheer will easily transport you to a state of happiness and Christmas spirit.

Grab your grouchy Grinch cuddle buddy.

Build-A-Bear has done it again when it comes to their adorable Grinch stuffed animals in full Christmas garb.

Most of us either have a Grinch fan in our lives or are a Grinch fan ourselves, so this is the perfect gift for many people.

Extra cuteness points if you watch the classic Grinch movie with your little Grinch bear.

Get ready to bundle up with your snuggly Buddy The Elf.


This little buddy is ready to share in your affinity for elf culture and drink all the bottles of maple syrup with you.

Instead of being the man dressed in the elf suit, this Buddy is really a bear and is oh so snuggly and cute.

Buddy the Elf is as true to his movie self as possible, with a serene and sweet smile, and dressed in his signature elf suit. But for an extra $5 you can also get him a bottle of maple syrup. Because everything is better with maple syrup.

These are two snuggle buddies you won't want to go through the holidays without.

The Buddy the Elf and Grinch bears are exclusively for sale online, and would undeniably make the perfect gift for lovers of Christmas and Christmas classics alike.

Head over to the Build-A-Bear website and snag a Grinch bear for $29 and a Buddy the Elf bear for $35. Trust us, you won't be sorry.

Let them both transport you to a merry land of Christmas fun.

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