10+ Facts About Victoria And David Beckham's Relationship Fans Should Know

In Hollywood, many relationships seem to fade out quickly, and with the pressure of all that fame and money (must be hard), many celeb couples break up or get divorced.

Because of this, it's that much more fun and endearing to follow the rare celebrity couple that makes it work for decades like Victoria and David Beckham who have been married for over 20 years and have four children.

Here are 10+ facts about this relationship fans didn't know.

1. David fell for her while watching her perform.

Before this pair met in real life, David Beckham saw Victoria performing with the Spice Girls on television.

She was wearing a black catsuit for the performance, and it sounds like the look really did it for David Beckham. We are sure Victoria looked great like always!

He fell for her then and there.

Instagram | @davidbeckham

Even though David had never met Victoria at this point, as soon as he saw her perform, he knew she was the one.

He said at that moment he thought she was the woman he would spend his life with. It clearly was love at first sight.

2. They met in person at a charity soccer match.

Their first meeting was actually set up by the manager of the Spice Girls, Simon Fuller.

They met for the first time in the players' lounge for Manchester United at a charity match. This definitely isn't your typical first date scenario!

Victoria also felt it was love at first sight.

David wasn't the only person in this relationship to fall hard.

Victoria told Vogue that it was love at first sight, but she was too drunk to remember the exact details of their first meeting. She was probably nervous, so we don't blame her!


3. They've supported each other through health problems.

David Beckham has talked about what it's like life living with obsessive-compulsive disorder while Victoria has dealt with body image issues.

The two clearly have a very strong relationship and support each other through all of these ups and downs in life.

4. Victoria was the one to make the first move.

Victoria has recalled how she was actually the one to approach David first. Victoria went up to him at the charity soccer game and said she was endeared by how shy he was in the beginning.

We definitely love to see a woman being the assertive one!

5. David kept a cute memento from their first meeting.

After chatting, Victoria wrote down her number on a plane ticket from Manchester to London.

Victoria said that he still has that plane ticket which is seriously the most romantic and sweetest thing in the world.

6. They used to make out in David's car.

While you probably wouldn't expect a couple like David and Victoria to have love-struck teenage moments, it is rather adorable.

When they were first dating, they'd meet in a parking lot and make out in his car just like any other couple.

7. Their wedding had a couple of eccentric details.

While in some ways, these two are just like any of us, their wedding wasn't typical.

First of all, it was more expensive than your average wedding and took place at Luttrellstown Castle in Dublin. They had about 500 guests, too!

Their wedding had atypical cake toppers.

Along with being rather lavish, there were a couple of strange details the couple included at the ceremony.

They released just a single white dove at their wedding, and they also had a cake topper that was naked figures of themselves. These details aren't quite as down to earth as the ones from when they first started dating!

David himself says the wedding was a bit over the top.

If you're young and have the money, it makes sense you might want to have an expensive wedding.

However, David Beckham now sees that it was more elaborate than it needed to be and slightly over the top. At least it was memorable!

8. They lived through an alleged cheating scandal.

In 2004, Rebecca Loos, who worked in sports PR, went on record saying that “We developed a bond as I got to know him. I began to find different aspects about him attractive; he is physically attractive. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other.”

However, neither David and Victoria have confirmed this, so it might not be true. Either way, they were able to get through these allegations as a couple.

9. David has two tattoos that honor Victoria.

The first tattoo is the number "99" on his finger. In 1999, he married Victoria, won the treble with Manchester United, and the couple also had their first son Brooklyn.

He also has a tattoo of Victoria's name in Hindi, but it's sadly spelled incorrectly.

10. Victoria gave David a very interesting nickname.

During an interview in 2001, Victoria told Parkinson chat show that her nickname for David was "golden balls" because of the way he turned his career around.

But, people remember this because the nickname has many provocative connotations that don't have anything to do with sports.

11. They had their oldest son work at a cafe.

Victoria and David Beckham have a lot of money, but they still want their kids to have a good work ethic and learn the value of that.

This is why they had their son, Brooklyn, work at a local cafe even though he didn't actually need the money.