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16+ Lessons People Unfortunately Learned The Hard Way

Personally, I much prefer to do as much of my learning through things like reading and listening and watching rather than anything else. It's just so much easier that way. But I've also learned my fair share of lessons the hard way, such as how hot glass looks like cold glass, and why, as a hockey player, you always keep your head up when crossing the blue line.

I will say this: as much as the easier way of learning is preferable, those tough lessons stick with you. Pretty sure the folks who went through the things below won't soon forget what they've learned!

There's an order of operations for things.

Reddit | Kimritto

"Spent 10 minutes looking for the drip tray for the Forman grill, after I turned it on," wrote the uploader of this pic.

I guess that also serves to test the grill's non-stick coating? Otherwise, they've ruined the drip tray and the grill.

Suddenly, the scratch test doesn't seem so bad.

This poor fellow went to the hospital for some serious tummy issues. The doctors and the patient alike learned he had a rare allergy to something after injecting him with it.

Yikes. That sounds about a million times worse than poison ivy.

Try before you buy isn't just a good rhyme.

Reddit | Battlescarred98

As this woman can attest to after purchasing this shirt from a high school in Lone Grove, Oklahoma. Pretty sure that purchase might have gone differently had she realized how it was going to look on her.

Online shopping is just as tricky.

Reddit | Hunter_Rodrigez

Remember folks, check the dimensions in the specs before you commit to an online purchase if you want to save yourself the hassle of having to return tools that are clearly toys.

Oh boy.

Reddit | crd1992

I think this pooch's owner learned more than one thing. First, there's that the dog has an appetite for sugar puffs.

Second, here's hoping that they learned how to get sugar puffs out of dog fur, or there might have been a different lesson: how to cut sugar puffs out of a dog's fur. My goodness.

That's a spicy predicament.

Reddit | Yokomoko_Saleen

Unfortunately, as tasty as turmeric is, it's not the easiest thing to get out of, well, anything, let alone a brand new hardwood floor.

It's just great at staining things. So this is a crash course in stain removal if I've ever seen one.

One of these things is not like the other.

Reddit | itsapanamonium

But the uploader of this pic didn't realize it until after making their coffee in the morning.

Pretty sure there's a distinct flavor difference between oat milk and chicken stock. I know, read before you pour doesn't even rhyme but it's important, too.

I didn't even know oven doors could do that.

Reddit | HeyThtsGr8

And I'm glad somebody else did the research on that for me because I wouldn't hold up well to the potential flaming loss of baked goods.

Mid-cupcake-bake is the worst time to lose the door to your oven.

Always, always check your drive-thru order.

You know, when I was working at a drive-thru way back when, it bothered me when customers would check their orders right in front of me, like I couldn't get it right.

But now, I get it. Who wants a burrito that's just tortilla?


Reddit | christmasskids

I guess it's probably difficult to learn much after opening up an outlet and finding it packed with wasps.

Well, maybe "how many wasps can fit into an outlet," as well as learning that your home has a wasp infestation. So, there's that.

There's your problem.

Reddit | zoso190

Usually if a hose is clogged, you've got a kink in the line somewhere. If it's not a kink, you might have a new resident, as this person discovered.

Easy enough to evict but baffling and confounding in the meantime.

Living with a monster.

Reddit | ccurtiswriting

Actually, this person found out their wife was a cereal monster the hard way, discovering that she'd picked out and eaten every single marshmallow from a family-sized box of Count Chocula.

Shots. Fired.

They won't do that again.

Reddit | Xcessivelyboring

Yep, when you feel the wind pick up, you have to pack up your patio umbrellas.

And as this person found out, it's not just to keep the umbrella from blowing away. Those things can do a real number on a patio table, too.

That's gonna be an issue.

Reddit | Dubslack

You know, it probably wasn't unreasonable for the work crew replacing the siding on this apartment to assume the walls would be a bit more sturdy.

But you know what they say about assuming things...

Maybe wireless is the way of the future after all.

Reddit | Mihash08

I'm one of those people who probably pulls plugs out by the cord just a tad too often. Well, not anymore, after seeing what this person did by yanking on their headphone cord.

Yowsers, I'm seeing some serious dollar signs here.

I guess that works?

Reddit | realmendrinkmead

It has to be both handy and a bit disconcerting to realize that your car can be started up using a nail file. Having your keys stolen is a terrible way to have to find that out, too.


Reddit | weeniehutjrz

Unless this city was trying to re-create a Charlie Brown Christmas with this display, they should probably ask for their money back on this tree because it's looking a little threadbare.

Good grief.

Delivery people aren't the only ones delivering...

Reddit | Jimmyboon

Mother Nature does that, too. And the deliverer responsible for this truck probably won't forget that, either, after forgetting to close their door after their shift.

It's going to be a long, cold morning on that route!

"My boss told me to [at least] try shoveling out and come in today. Saskatoon SK, Canada (Red car is mine)."

Reddit | fiesel21

This is why it kind of sucks to be good hard worker at your job. You're going to be relied upon to come in regardless of the weather.

And we know the prairie folk in Saskatchewan are proud of what they're able to shrug off each winter, but yeesh.

I didn't know that could happen!

Reddit | 9999monkeys

"Put a tin tumbler in the freezer and it turned to dust," the uploader of this pic explained. So, good to know: this is a legit phenomenon called tin pest, in which tin breaks down and becomes weak and crumbly at low temperatures.

The more you know!

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