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10 People Who Asked The Internet Whether Their Revenge Was Fair Or Not

The internet has some real hotspots for people who cannot work out whether they were in the right or the wrong in a situation and need to get some anonymous advice. And one of the main places for such advice, is Reddit's incredibly popular Am I The Asshole (AITA) subreddit.

Please find below a series of shocking stories that people had to share where they asked if they were the asshole after all for your viewing pleasure...if pleasure is the right word.

"AITA for telling my wife that if she doesn't want me in the delivery room she can find someone else to drive her to the hospital?"

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Yep, we're kicking off with a doozy. One man's wife told him that she wanted her sister in the delivery room with her and that since she can only have one person, he is out.

So, completely outraged with feelings of rejection, this person went on to tell their wife that she could take herself to the hospital, or get her sister to drive her as "Otherwise I'm just her taxi driver."

And, the internet was not kind in response to this wonderfully awful person.

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Apparently, the wife has now moved back in with her family, which is perfectly understandable! And, while this cacophonous dimwit was looking for support, all that the internet had to say was that, while it is understandable you may be disheartened at not being in the delivery room, you are a complete git!

Most people also pointed out that he is supposed to be supporting her through this time, with one person pointing out that women can die in childbirth, and that, "Perhaps [she wants her sister] because she thinks you'll be more focused on your feelings [than] her health."

"AITA for revoking my niece's college fund after she tried to steal my dog?"

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Indeed, you did read that right, and the story behind it is completely baffling. This one Reddit user started their tale by explaining that they have a college fund set up for their niece -- which has around 60k in it by now. They also wrote that they have a dog called Jupiter, who, with veterinarian support, they feed with vegan dog food.

However, when their niece and sister were around one day and discovered this fact about the vegan dog food, they tried to make off with her dog as she didn't "deserve" him! This person then revoked the college fund as payback!

And boy, did the internet not like the idea of dognapping!

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Okay, so first things first, let's just get this out of the way, "Jupiter" is a wonderful name for a dog and I won't hear a word otherwise. Secondly...what the actual hell did they think they were doing stealing a damn dog?! Seriously?

Thankfully, the internet was definitely not on the side of the would-be dognappers! Most people, quite rightly, pointed out that it is this person's money to do with as they see fit.

This person also finally wrote, "[my sister] is going to sue me for all of the money in the college fund despite the fact that there was never any contract."

"AITA for telling a tourist she asked me the dumbest question I've ever heard in my life?"

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As flippant and funny this statement may seem on the surface, it is quite complex. This decidedly irate tour guide explained that they are a tour guide at the border between north and south Korea). And recently, someone asked them, "since your last name is Kim, does that mean you're related to Kim Jun Un?"

Apparently, they responded by saying, "That is the dumbest question I've ever been asked and I think the answer is quite self-evident'," to which the whole bus laughed, causing the tourists to privately demand an apology later.

The responses were quite mixed to this one.

Unsplash | Markus Winkler

Most people were furious with this tour guide for responding so "rudely" to this staggeringly thick question, with them ultimately being titled "Asshole" by the forum.

However, there were some that suggested that they weren't the asshole in this situation and that: "Those people were not ignorant but straight-up racist. [...] The fact that Koreans have a common family name is a well-known fact but let's say for the sake of argument that those people didn't know about it: They still chose to visit a country without learning the slightest thing about it even if it meant that they might [do] something disrespectful. "

"AITA ruining my friend's birthday party by taking back the cake I baked for her?"

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Right, this one is a real rollercoaster and one that I'm still struggling to comprehend. The person who wrote this started by saying that they have a "quirky" friend who they lent a dress to, but the friend never returned the dress and instead sent them money for it and now claim it as their own!

So, when this person was asked to bake a cake for their friend's birthday, on the day of the party they gave their friend the money back for the cake and took their cake home from the party!

Apparently, their friend was furious, despite this person saying, "I just asked what she was complaining about as I had paid back the money."

Unsplash | wang yan

I've never known anyone to have such a bizarre idea of boundaries as this baker's friend. Who just sends their friend money after borrowing something and says, "Yeah, that's mine now, get over it."

The top response, and one hell of hilariously genius idea, was: "I would just a get two hundred dollars in singles and go shopping in their house. I would collect the tv remote and leave 20 bucks in its place. Grab the laptop charger and leave another 40. Frames of family photos? drop another 10. Handles to their kitchen cabinets? 2 bucks a piece. Caps to all their pens? 5 dollars."

"AITA for confronting my neighbor about her husband (police officer) giving my stepson a speeding ticket?"

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Oh boy, you're going to want to strap in for this one. This mother wrote that she has looked after her step-children for 10 years now, and that they are "on good terms with the neighbors and that one neighbor's husband is a police officer. However, when the neighbor gave their son a ticket for speeding, this mother was furious.

The next day, they stormed over to the neighbor's house and demanded an explanation from the officer's wife as to why he had ticketed their son when they know him! They then wondered if this had been wrong to do so.

The answer, the internet seemed to believe, was a resounding yes!

Unsplash | Fred Moon

Hot damn did the internet hit back hard at this woman's entitled behavior! There were floods of comments informing her of how irresponsible and generally asshole-y she was being, with the top comment being, "You want special privilege because you know someone and think the rules don’t apply to you or your family. Maybe teach your son to drive the speed limit instead?"

I don't know why she ever thought that she was entitled to confront the officer's wife about this. People truly find new ways to amaze you each and every day.

"AITA for refusing to cook for my boyfriend's daughter even though she had a breakdown?"

Unsplash | Max Delsid

This one started with a person writing that they had been going out with a guy called Mark who had a 14-year-old girl for a while, and that, while they had been getting on largely well with Mark's child, Jennifer will scream if her meals are even a few minutes late!

So, when this person was busy with work, they prepared Jennifer her tea in advance for her to heat up. However, in protest, Jennifer threw an entire three person dinner away because she refused to heat it herself. Due to this, this person refused to cook another meal and went to bed hungry.

And, while Mark was apparently angry with her for not giving into Jennifer's spoilt behaviour, the internet was on her side.

Unsplash | Jasmin Sessler

Once this person had clarified that Jennifer's behaviour was not down to any form of special needs, people were outraged that a 14-year-old would be allowed to be so disrespectful and petulant.

I cannot imagine the punishment I would have faced if I had been this spectacularly horrible at such an age. The top response echoed this, claiming, "this should have been nipped in the bud years ago. I could cook my own dinner (basic grilled cheese) at [9]. I certainly wouldn't throw away food enough for 3 people. Sometimes there has to be a harsh lesson that the world doesn't revolve around you."

"AITA for letting my friend get a dirty tattoo?"

Unsplash | Lucas Lenzi

When one tattoo artist was asked to design a tattoo for a friend, they may have gone a little off-message. Their friend apparently wanted two dice in a larger piece — so this tattoo artist thought it would be funny to sneak in two dice which read "6" and "9" right next to each other, "because I have a slightly dirty mind [and] thought it’d be funny."

The friend didn't notice this in the initial designs, only noticing once it was permanently inked on their body and had been pointed out by their father — and they were less than pleased.

People were massively outraged by this tattoo artist's completely unprofessional attitude.

Unsplash | Allef Vinicius

This tattoo artist was ultimately branded an "Asshole" by the thread, as people couldn't believe that they would do something this immature and cruel to their supposed friend.

Getting a tattoo can be a big deal for some people, especially if it is a big piece, and for a tattoo artist to act so knowingly unprofessional is quite baffling. Small pranks on your friend can be a laugh, but permanently tattooing something they don't like on their skin is perhaps a step too far?

"AITA for not wanting to call my 2nd grader's teacher 'Dr. Smith'?"

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One parent was outraged that their child's teacher — who told the children that they could call them "Ms Smith" but told parents that she would like them to call her Dr. Smith — corrected them at parent's evening when they disregarded these wishes and called the teacher "Ms Smith."

"I feel certain she's just power-tripping here. I don't want to feed her ego [...] is the 'Dr.' really warranted here?" this parent asked, and even confessed to deliberately referring to her as "Ms. Smith" in another meeting after being corrected once already.

People were furious that this parent would deliberately disregard the wishes of the teacher and undermine her well-earned title.

Unsplash | Taylor Wilcox

People have to work incredibly hard to get their doctorate in whatever subject they are studying, and to so flippantly disregard this is truly baffling. The teacher clearly informed the parent of the distinction that she didn't mind children using "Ms" but wanted parents to use"Dr," and the internet branded this arsey parent a solid-gold asshole!

One of the most frequently upvoted comments was simply, "Grow up and call the woman by the title she earned."

"AITA for eating sexy potatoes?"


And yes, you did just read the phrase, "Sexy potatoes." Apparently, this person eats potatoes at their desk in work by "microwaving them, then biting into them, eating them hot dog style." However, while no one has ever had a problem with this, their new coworker pulled them aside and ordered them to stop eating potatoes so "suggestively."

Furthermore, the complaining coworker accused this person of deliberately choosing "sexy potatoes" and reported them to HR, meaning this poor person had an HR meeting about eating "sexy potatoes"!

Obviously, the internet was on the side of the "sexy potato" ingester!

Unsplash | Jan Antonin Kolar

Most people, my good self included, were completely baffled by the very idea of someone going out of their way to make potatoes "sexy" in the workplace. Thankfully, this person did post an update saying that HR was just as baffled and that this person has been permitted to eat their potatoes as they have been for the last four years. Apparently, the woman complaining had cited "sexual harassment" as the reason for the complaint...all about potatoes.

What a truly insane world we live in.

"AITA for not telling a vegan mom that the candy she stole from my kids and was eating, wasn't vegan?"

Unsplash | Carl Raw

One parent took to the AITA subreddit to recount a story whereby their devoutly vegan neighbor confiscated candy off local kids who she took trick-or-treating as a "candy tax."

As revenge, once this parent saw the candy thief eating some of the confiscated sweets at the park, they pointed out that the sweets they had eaten had animal fats in them, much to the vegan candy-thief's dismay and disgust!

The parent who posted this said that their husband thought they were wrong to do this, but the internet backed them up!

Unsplash | Luis Aguila

Personally, I can't see anything wrong with this punishment, I mean, people who steal candy off kids kind of get everything that they deserve right? Also, who steals candy off a kid in the first place?

Hoards of people joined in the debate to tear down the Halloween candy snatcher, but where do you stand on this revenge? Do you think that it was justified, or a step too far?