Inflatable Car Buddies Will Spread Holiday Cheer Even When You're Stuck In Traffic

Alright, you heathens. Before we start, let me just say: These are not designed to let you cheat in the carpool lane. You're going to get caught. Why?

Because these car buddies definitely don't look like people. They're shaped after our Christmas favorites, from Santa to the Grinch!

So, what's a car buddy?

A car buddy is an inflatable novelty friend that you can blow up and have ride shotgun with you on your commute. Think of it as a car decoration for the holiday season!

Meet your car buddy!

Gemmy, the company behind the car buddies, has three designs available for Christmas. The first is this inflatable snowman that waves at your fellow drivers as you go!

The snowman is three feet tall.

Not only does it inflate, it lights up! Each car buddy includes LED lights. It has to be plugged in, but have no fear: each buddy comes with its own cord and car adapter.

If snowmen aren't your thing...

You could get a little Grinch-y with it. This Grinch car buddy looks a lot more friendly than I'm comfortable with — what's he up to?

Bonus points for buckling him in. Gotta keep that Christmas icon safe.

Each buddy can be used indoors or outdoors.

If you don't want to keep it in your car, each buddy comes with stakes and tethers to display your inflatable, light-up friend on your front lawn.

And, of course, they have the big guy himself.

This extremely happy Santa will definitely bring the Christmas cheer to your commute. I mean, look at that face. He is very determined to make you feel festive.

(Or else.)

Santa also works outside.

He also comes with a strap to secure him to the headrest, ensuring he doesn't bob around while hanging out with you at rush hour. Can't be too careful with that Santa.

Each buddy is available on Amazon, or at Walmart.

You can get Santa for $31.99 on Amazon, as well as the Grinch for $36.90 and the snowman for $49.06.

No word on why the snowman is the most expensive one. Maybe he's high maintenance.

So, would you get a car buddy?

Even if they totally will not qualify you for the car pool lane? I think it would be fun to have some Christmas cheer in the car...but maybe in the back seat.

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