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Teacher Tells Dad To 'Simplify' Daughter's Lunches After Other Kids Complain

There are several different types of parents in the world. Some parents like to go the extra mile and make their child's school lunches extravagant and unique. Other parents stick to the more traditional lunch options. And, there are also parents who opt to have their children get school lunch. While no parent is better than the other, the truth is that with so many different lunch options, kids can naturally get a bit jealous of what others have.

Recently, tons of "school lunch" pages have been popping up on Instagram.

For unique and interesting ideas, some parents have Instagram pages where they share ideas and photos of lunches that are easy to make for kids every day. Some of them are just so aesthetically pleasing!

For busy moms and working parents, getting inspiration for what to make can be helpful and convenient.

Some parents even share videos of how they create some of the fun and festive lunches they send their children. Step-by-step videos are helpful to everyone.

While kids enjoy seeing the delicious and adorably organized lunches, it seems that not all kids get that "experience."

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Some parents are single-parent households with multiple children, while others have two parents who work full-time. It's hard to find the extra time to make those all-out, aesthetically pleasing lunches every single day.

Recently, one dad posted to Reddit about a message he received from his daughter's teacher regarding her lunches.

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The dad posted in the popular Reddit "Am I The Asshole?" subreddit asking if he was "wrong" for telling his daughter's teacher that he "really doesn't care" about what she has to say regarding his daughter's lunches.

The dad said that his wife makes nice lunches for their eight-year-old daughter.

"My kid is 8. Long story short my wife tries to make really fun lunches for my daughter. She follows a couple of those school lunches pages on Instagram for inspiration or whatever. It’s important to us that our child likes her lunches and that she’s happy," he wrote.

His daughter's teacher, however, thinks the lunches aren't the best idea for her class.

"Well my daughters teacher called and left a message asking us that we simplify her lunches and do the typical sandwich thing because other kids 'don’t have as elaborate as lunches and it might make them feel bad,'" the father posted.

The dad said, simply, he doesn't care about that and added that maybe the teacher could use this experience as a "teaching moment."

"I annoyed wrote an email because saying 'no we won’t and that I really don’t care, and that if other kids get upset then maybe, maybe, it would be a good teaching moment for her,'" he wrote.

He asked Reddit users if he was in the wrong for how he feels and his reaction to the teacher.

The majority of Reddit users said the teacher was out of line.

"It is none of the teacher’s business what your child eats. As long as the lunches don’t require the teacher putting extra effort into helping her with her lunch there is nothing that needs to change," one person wrote.

"I love those cute little lunches and do bento boxes for my adult lunches. The teacher sounds like a snowflake. What's next? Asking your kid to get a wrong answer on a quiz because she is 'too smart'?" another said.

One person said that while the father's feelings are valid, the way he approached the teacher was a bit off.

"[Not the asshole] for making lunches and saying you won’t change them. Totally the asshole for how you communicated that. You can take your teaching moment and shove it. Teachers are being forced to risk their lives for your precious children and living in a hellscape so maybe at least be polite," one Reddit user said.

What do you think? Is this dad out of line for his response?

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