Missing Police Dog Named Bravo Reunites With Handler In Heartwarming Photos

An Australian police dog has been returned safe and sound to his handler after disappearing from his home earlier this week, and the internet can't get enough of their pawsitively sweet reunion photos.

The six-year-old German Shepherd named Bravo was off duty when he was last seen at around 8 PM on November 6, the evening he disappeared from his handler's house in Logan City, just south of Brisbane.

A community-wide search was launched in the area, with fellow police officers and even some members of the Dog Squad coming out to look for Bravo.

According to ABC News, locals weren't discouraged from joining in on the search, but were advised not to approach the dog or attempt to touch him if found.

Instead they were urged to contact police immediately.

On the morning of November 8, after two days on the run, Bravo was located safe and sound by a member of the public.

In an official statement, the Queensland Police said Bravo was taken to Logan Central Station by the individual who found him, and was then taken to a veterinary clinic "as a precaution."

"The Queensland Police Service (QPS) would like to thank the community for their assistance in getting the word out," the statement added.

After Bravo was found, he was able to be reunited with his beloved (and likely very worried) handler, Senior Constable Joseph Alofipo.

Photos of their heartwarming reunion were posted to the Queensland Police Facebook page where they've quickly gone viral, largely due to the fact that they're just so gosh darn wholesome.

"It doesn’t get much better then this," the caption reads. "The adorable moment PD Bravo and his handler were reunited. A huge thanks to the community for all their support."

As of writing, the sweet photos have received over 18,000 reactions from users across the platform.

The comment section is filled with delighted messages from users, as well as from members of the community who expressed relief at Bravo being back safe with PC Alofipo.

"This was in our neighborhood," one person shared. "[It] was awesome, people were out driving around looking for him, others put food and water out the front for him."

Another added, "My five year old boy made me drive around the neighborhood and beyond, while he called out 'Bravo' from his car window. He had a sad cry, then when I told him Bravo was home and safe, he was SOOOOO happy. Great ending. Happy Bravo is safe!"

h/t: Queensland Police, Facebook | Queensland Police Service

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