Quotes For Anyone Who Regularly Asks Their Husband, 'Why Are You Like This?'

Husbands, kindly leave the chat. This one's for your spouses.

Let's be real here. Sure, we love our husbands. We love them 'til death do us part, because that was kind of the agreement we made. But even we can admit they can be the worst sometimes.

If you're the kind of spouse who finds yourself frequently looking at your husband after he does or says something and asking, "Why are you like this?" then I think you're really going to relate to these quotes.

Sure you can, sweetie.

How about instead of sitting on the couch telling me you can "totally build that gazebo with the built-in oven and wine fridge", you go finish fixing the garage door you said you would fix three months ago.

We're red hot.

Or when you put on a brand new lacy number you bought that day and try to surprise him in the bedroom, only for him to give you a quick glance and ask, "Great, how much did that thing cost?"

Oh yeah, things are definitely still spicy.

The hero we didn't know we needed.

Does anyone know where I could go to get a trophy engraved? This man needs to be rewarded for his efforts because they simply cannot go unnoticed.

He deserves more than that.

But he has no problem putting soaking wet towels in there.

I'm not sure what's missing in our husbands' brains that makes them think it's perfectly fine to just drop their clothes on the floor two feet away from the hamper.

But I imagine it's the same thing that also tells them to put dirty dishes in the sink when the dish washer is empty, and to sweep crumbs off the counter onto the floor instead of in the garbage.

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