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Count Down The Dying Days Of 2020 With A Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar, Because You Earned It

We're only two months away from a brand new year that will bring with it a clean slate and hopefully, some good luck. But as we start to bid farewell to this year that has pushed almost all of us to the edge, it seems only fitting to pepper the dying days of 2020 with a different sparkling wine a day.

Thanks to Aldi and their hotly anticipated Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar, that will be easy to accomplish.

With an assortment of amazing types of wine, we can't think of a better way to usher in the holiday cheer and kick 2020's bad juju to the curb.

We don't even have to ask and Aldi delivers the best advent calendars.

The beloved supermarket chain has become rather famous for their advent calendars over the years, and for good reason.

From their savory advent cheese calendars to their saucy wine, beer, and hard seltzer varieties, Aldi never fails to get us all jittery and excited (and, let's be honest, kinda tipsy) for the holiday season.

It's always champagne o'clock, as far as we're concerned.

The advent calendar includes seven bottles of sparkling wine (because first you have to drink down to Christmas, then you drink down to New Year's Eve), ranging from brut rosé and moscato to Cava and Prosecco.

These picks reflect diversity from an assortment of places, and the calendar makes the perfect gift for the sparkling wine connoisseur in your life. (Yes, that can be you. We totally endorse buying yourself gifts, especially of the bubbly variety.)

Happy hour is at least five hours a day, right?

Aldi's Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar is the latest addition to their already robust selection of calendar offerings, meaning it may be the perfect finishing touch to your own advent calendar party. We're just throwing that out there as a suggestion.

Your loved ones are going to have a blast with all of these goodies, the holiday snacks are basically covered (because Aldi), and the gin, wine, seltzers, and other booze will never stop flowing.

It's bubbles or bust!

Get yourself one of these calendars and stare down 2020 in a saucy fashion befitting someone who's ready to kick this year to the curb. Call it liquid courage or call it plain ol' sense, but this is the perfect item to say hello to the holidays and good-bye to a bad year.

Aldi's Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar will be available in select Aldi locations starting Dec. 2 for $24.99.

If you pick one of these up, or any of the other ones from Aldi, let us know what you think in the comments.

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