Quotes For When You Eat, Sleep, And Breathe Bacon

When people talk about who they'd want to meet if they could ever go back in time, most of the names that come up are the great leaders and thinkers of their times.

The ones who wrote the classics of literature, or invented something that's now ubiquitous in modern life, or were just so notorious that they've lived in infamy.

And sure, I'd totally be down for spending an afternoon with one of those people.

Hearing those scandalous stories from Lord Byron himself over dinner, or talking about the future of programming with his daughter, Ada Lovelace over tea.

Both would be fantastic, but there's someone else I'd also like to meet.

I'd love to be there when the unsung hero who invented bacon thought to take innocent salted pork belly to a whole new level.

It's not like salt-curing or smoking of meat is uncommon or special. Our modern supermarkets have hundreds of options from all over the world.

But somewhere in history, someone looked at a modest slab of pork belly, with its well-proportioned stripes of meat and fat and thought, "I can make this even better."

Some experimenting with sugar and spices and curing time and smoking, and they had the recipe for everyone's favorite meaty snack.

So to whoever than man or woman was, I salute you, and if time travel is ever commercially available, I'll skip the line-up for the Lord Byron meet-and-greet and come visit you.

And eat all of your bacon.

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