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Woman Says Husband 'Shushing' Her During Childbirth Ended Their Marriage

In life, couples go through a lot of struggles and obstacles to keep a relationship thriving and afloat. Sometimes, some fights get so big that they cannot come back from them. Some problems become so hard to handle that individuals decide it's the "breaking point" for them and there is no turning back.

When your significant other insults you, sometimes it can be hard to get past.

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When your significant other says something insulting, it can be difficult to forgive and forget. While some forgive, some don't forget.

When you can't move past something, it can break an entire relationship and marriage.

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Many people struggle with finding ways to get past the hard times and move forward as a couple. And, in time, there are those who realize it's impossible to do, so instead of working it out, they leave.

For many people, discussing a breakup is very difficult.

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It can take years for people to begin to move past the challenges of a breakup. With social media, many have found online groups that give them a safe and supportive place to express their feelings and seek advice.

Recently, a thread in a popular Facebook group picked up a lot of interactions from women all over the world.

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The group, called, "That’s it, I’m MF spouse shaming," which has over 21,000 members, recently had a thread in which women were discussing reasons why their marriages had ended.

Many of the responses ranged in reasoning and explanation.

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Some women said they ended their marriages for reasons such as cheating and adultery. Others said that they ended their marriages because of things like finances and differences in money management.

The post that started the thread came from a tweet where a man described the moment he knew he wasn't in love with his partner anymore.

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According to the tweet, the man said the realization happened when he didn't offer any assistance to his partner, who happened to be carrying a number of heavy boxes at the time.

This tweet prompted an interesting discussion topic for people in the Facebook group. They began sharing their own moments of realization that signaled their relationship was over.

For many members of the group, infidelity was to blame for their relationships' demise.

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One woman said that her marriage ended when her husband not only had an affair with her best friend, but also got her pregnant.

"That was the day my marriage ended," she said.

Similarly, another woman also said her marriage ended after her husband cheated on her.

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In this case, the woman said that her husband cheated on her with his stepsister.

One comment from a particular woman stood out from all of the rest because it was unique and a bit strange.

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As many women chimed in for the very exact moment that they knew their marriage was over, one stood out among the rest because it was something that many women had never heard happen.

The woman commented that it all took place during labor when giving birth to their child.

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"When he told me to shush during labour. I had a sudden flash of clarity and I knew I would be raising this baby alone because I deserved better," she wrote in her comment, which was later picked up by publications like The Mirror.

For some people, this may seem like a small issue that doesn't warrant ending a marriage.

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Some people think that being "shushed" during childbirth may be something minor, but clearly this woman felt that it showcased a bigger issue that could arise down the road.

And, even still, the woman said it didn't happen overnight.

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"Still took me a year to get to the breakup, but I never forgot that moment of certainty," she wrote.

Apparently, that was the "straw that broke the camel's back," so they say.

The original thread was a part of a private Facebook group, therefore it is only visible to members of the group.

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However, that hasn't stopped the post from going viral. It has been featured in a number of publications, including The Sun and The Mirror, for its honest — and at times — surprising responses.

It seems that once a woman knows, she knows.

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While many women shared their stories, one thing was clear through it all: Every woman knew when it was time to say goodbye and walk away. It seems that women know exactly when it's done.

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