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People Are Posting Their Unedited Photos Online For The 'Normalize Normal Bodies' Movement

Social media can be a devastating place for your self-esteem, especially if you don't have what is normally portrayed as an "ideal" body — aka the Kim Kardashian body.

However, for every post we see showing off bodies like those (which are fine bodies!), there's now a growing amount of normal bodies taking over social media. Body positivity is a beautiful thing!

The latest trend in body positivity is "normalize normal bodies."

Shortened down to #NormalizeNormalBodies, this trend has people showing off what their bodies actually look like when they're not posed perfectly. And it's actually so refreshing to see!

It's time to have FUN with our bodies!

The best part of this trend is how happy women are to be showing off their bodies exactly as they are. They're celebrating their bellies, thighs, and arms the way that they should be celebrated!

Others are doing TikTok challenges with a twist.

TikTokker @mikkzazon did the transformation challenge, but rolled down her waistline and let her belly out while she danced. It's the cutest video I've ever seen, and she looks SO happy doing it.

Social media only tells one side of a story.

"Instagram is a highlight reel. [...] Stop comparing yourself to people on the internet. Chances are, that’s not what their life (or body) really looks like."

One TikTok user is using the trend to point out how normal "flaws" are.

Cellulite is a totally normal part of our bodies, and yet we're encouraged to hide it all the time. That's ridiculous! You can have cellulite at any weight, and there's nothing wrong with it!

Let's normalize our funky little bodies!

"Things that are normal - body rolls, scarred skin, wobbly arms, tummy pooch while sitting, weight fluctuations, feeling sick some days for no reason, acne, strawberry legs, double chins, short torsos, wide feet, loose skin, stretch marks...and the list goes on!"

Let's celebrate everything about us!

"Learning to feel comfortable expressing myself, especially as I collaborate with and learn from others, has been so fun."

Putting yourself out there is scary — but it's so rewarding, and so beautiful.

One user said being "the big friend" is kind of a flex.

And I agree! She said sharing clothes with friends is a two way street — they can borrow your sweaters and wear them as "oversized," while you can borrow their tiny shirts and wear them as crop tops.

It won't work for every friend group, but I love this attitude.

It's about respect for ourselves.

"Respect should come FIRST...

Respect it with kind words.

Respect it with rest.

Respect it with clothes that fit instead of squeezing it into clothes that don’t.

Respect it with movement."

Some people are having so much fun with the mom bod movement.

Here's to the mamas who carried a baby and are not ashamed to have bodies that show it. Y'all worked so hard, be proud of yourselves!

Instagram is such a lie.

" I just think that it is unnecessary to try to idealize only one specific body shape. I think beauty comes in many different ways!"

Even bodies with abs are seen as undesirable, compared to those with an hourglass waist. Ugh.

Some people are posting some expectation vs. reality shots in the tag.

"I spent so long hating my body instead of celebrating it. And I can honestly say I am finally content in my skin. I know that my body is ever-changing. It is growing and shrinking, and then growing and shrinking again."

History doesn't care about your weight.

The impact cultural icons have is not defined by their weight, so why should we define ourselves by our weight? Let's push ideas forward, not unhealthy body image agendas.

Be the change!

Wear the crop top, let your belly out, have fun with it. Life is too short to worry about other people's cruelty. Remember, what they think and say is not nearly as important as you feeling dope as hell in a crop top.

Be your weird self in peace.

"When you stop criticising and hating on [...] yourself, it actually has a direct impact on how you treat others."

And that's the absolute tea, my friends. Look at others with positivity and you'll feel that positivity in yourself, too.

Basically, just let yourself breathe!

Have fun, be squishy, and take care of the body you're in. And when you see a perfect body on the internet, remember — that body belongs to a human being, and human beings aren't perfect.