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Aunty Acid Needs You...To Stop Talking About Freakin’ Politics

Remember the good old days when your vote in an election was between you, your heart, your brain, and the ballot box? Not Mary, your second cousin twice removed, your coworker from your job at Walmart 15 years ago, and basically everybody else you’ve ever met?!

Hell, it’s one thing showing everyone what you’ve chosen for dinner, do we also have to show off who we’re choosing for president? I’m talking of course, about announcing your choice for leader of our country all over social media.


Now, I might be a bit of a hypocrite here— I’m not known for keeping quiet on the many, many, many things that annoy me online.

Aunty Acid

If there was ever an “Internet Oversharers Anonymous,” I would be their leader, but friends… I don’t demand this out of annoyance, I ask this out of love.

Are we truly better off for baiting and debating each other over social media? Is it not better to talk about the huge issues that affect us all face-to-face in a show of human connection, and leave our timelines for things that make us happy?

Answer me this — If there was an "ON/OFF" button for political talk on Facebook, would yours be switched on or off?

Aunty Acid

Now, you might be sitting there thinking, “If I choose not to discuss my candidate vote on social media, will I be relevant?” “Will I have nothing to talk about?”

Rest assured, I’ve compiled a small list of things you could talk about online instead.

1. Dogs.

Just start a thread about dogs.

I guarantee everyone will get involved.

2. Nostalgia.

Talk about lovely nostalgic things!

Pick a memory and just share it!

3. Funny jokes...

... from hilarious online comedians, cough cough.

If you really feel the need to engage in conflict through a screen...

...because that’s your therapy, then simply copy & paste the following:

“Can’t wait to put my Christmas tree up later. Isn’t it great that all the decorations are in store already?!”

And, if you really miss talking about politics, just wait and bring it up around the Thanksgiving dinner table, at least that way buying Christmas gifts this year would be really cheap.

You’re welcome.

Love always, your Aunty Acid.

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