Woman Accused Of 'Making It About Her' When Discussing Engagement At SIL's Shower

Whenever a family member has big events that are taking place, they want the attention to be on them and them only. For example, bridal showers and weddings seem to always create "bridezillas" in a family who simply believe that the attention should be all about them no matter what. Sometimes, it's valid, other times, it's not.

There are many times where people can get angry and upset for reasons that others find a bit silly.

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When they get "upset" over the fact that the attention is off of them, some family members can find this silly or ridiculous. For example, getting heated at your baby shower because your sister-in-law shows up engaged.

One Reddit user recently wrote in asking whether she was "wrong" for being engaged at a baby shower.


The user and her fiancé had gotten engaged two months before the baby shower. However, they showed up together and were simply just doing what everyone else does at a baby shower — eating and mingling.

When her fiancé, Ben's, extended family showed up, problems came about.

The Reddit user said she was not close to her sister-in-law's baby daddy, Mark, at the time, but he was unhappy with her for 'discussing her engagement' at the baby shower.

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"Friends and relatives were saying hello and making small talk, including Ben and I. While Ben was grabbing some food, a woman said hi to me and asked how I knew Bella and Mark. I replied that I was Ben’s fiancée, and Ben was Bella’s brother. Well, Mark was in earshot, and he was furious," she wrote.

Apparently, Mark didn't like the attention being taken off of Bella, the soon-to-be mother.

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"He said this was Bella’s day and I was making it all about me by announcing our engagement.

Since Ben and I had been engaged for two months and I’d been wearing my engagement ring for that entire time, I responded with a confused, 'No...? I’m not...'" she wrote.

Mark did say that there was something she should have done instead, though.

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Apparently, Mark told the Reddit user that she should have, "... taken off her engagement ring and waited until after the baby shower to talk about it."

The Reddit user was utterly confused and asked the community if she did anything wrong here, unsure as to why he was mad.

Most of the people on the forum said that she was not wrong at all, as it's not like they got engaged at the actual baby shower.

Many people said Mark must be insecure and feeling pressured.

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"Sounds like Mark has been getting a lot of comments that he should propose to Bella from his family or maybe from her, he is feeling the pressure!

Introducing yourself as Ben’s fiancée is not the same as announcing your engagement, it is a bit weird that this guy would make such a big deal out of it. Like I said, sounds like there is more than meets the eye... Mark is insecure maybe," one person commented.

Others agreed that maybe it was Mark's problem entirely.

"You'd already made your announcement. Saying you're relation into [sic] the family is perfectly fine. Fiancé is a form of relationship, just like girlfriend, sister, cousin, or childhood friend is a form of relationship. As others said, Mark was likely being sensitive because they weren't engaged and he was being pressured to at least ask her, if not marry her, before the baby came," another person added.

It seemed to be unanimous among commenters, Mark is feeling the heat.

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"Dude was probably feeling defensive about not marrying your man's sister. And you don't even need to explain why you got engaged (after a terrifying accident) or apologize for having his mother's 'old' ring. You are entitled to your little bit of happiness, and Mark was out of line for shaming you for it," someone added.

What do you think? Did this family overreact by claiming this woman "announced" her engagement?

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