Alyssa Milano Calls Out President Trump For Trying To Stop The Vote Count

Tensions are running high as the country waits for the results from the presidential election.

Much controversy has been raised after Donald Trump called for the vote counting to stop before all the Election Day ballots have been counted.

Now, outspoken actress and activist Alyssa Milano is calling the president out for his anti-democratic statement.

It is no secret Alyssa Milano is a huge supporter of the Democratic party.

The outspoken actress has denounced President Trump many times before, so it's not surprising that she has called the POTUS out on social media for trying to stop the vote count.

Posting a series of photos of her and Joe Biden, Alyssa wrote: "As we are waiting for the official results (patiently), I just want to say that we are lucky to have a man like this who can guide us to a better, more equitable, nation."

"He’s not flashy. He’s kind. He believes that we must work with the other side to get things done. I agree."

"Remember this: talking about Trump is how we got Trump. Let’s focus on Joe. He deserves it. He ran a beautiful, hopeful, campaign. I’m so proud to have had even a small part in it."

"And to all of you—rest. Sleep. Recharge," she continued.

"There’s much more work to be done. Thank you to everyone who fought the trolls, reposted, retweeted and lifted me up when I was inconsolable."

Alyssa then reposted a message from Biden's campaign on Twitter.

"Here are the facts… we’re going to win this! #CountEveryVote #EveryVoteCounts," she captioned the retweet.

The post she shared featured Biden-Harris campaign data and predicts the former VP will win the 2020 presidential election.

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