Cat's Reaction To First Trip To A Windy Beach Is All Of Us Admitting Summer's Over

If you're a fan of summers spent at the beach, then you're probably familiar with that last trip of the year.

You know the one: it's mid-September and it's pleasantly sunny, so you convince yourself that you can squeeze one more beach day in before the long wait until next summer.

You pack yourself a picnic, hop in the car, ready to cement that perfect beach day in your memory for the long, cold winter ahead.

Then you're hit in the face with a gust of cold autumn wind, damp from the surf, and you look a lot like this cat does.

Pumpkin the Cat is a minor Instagram celebrity with a mild case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia that inhibits some of his fine motor functions.

Despite that, his fanbase watches as he goes on new adventures regularly.

Recently, Pumpkin went to the beach for the first time and liked it quite a bit at first.

He and his brother Moustachio wandered around the sand and explored happily.

At least, until the cold early-autumn wind began to blow off the water.

When that happened, Pumpkin was done with the whole thing.

His very relatable reaction made the post go viral.

Because we've all been Pumpkin at the beach in September.

Hopefully, he can visit another beach next year, when it's a whole lot warmer.

If you'd like to follow him on his adventures, you can do so on Instagram @iispumpkincat or on his Facebook page.

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