15+ People Who Are Pretty Sure They've Made Some Important Discoveries

One person's big find might not matter much to anyone else. Still, it shouldn't diminish what it might mean to the person who found it.

So let's celebrate those who cared enough to share their big discoveries with the internet. It takes courage to share this stuff with the world.

Easy cleaning.

Reddit | SockPants

The handles on these metro cars don't touch the ground, which must make things easier for the cleaning crew. It's a simple, elegant way to improve efficiency.

One sturdy bridge.

Reddit | M_add0x

These two kids made a bridge out of popsicle sticks for a school project. Most impressively, this little bridge can support 65 pounds of weight.

I'll never be this cool.

Reddit | realsomo

We strive all our lives to be cool, only to be usupred by a freakin' eggplant that's more effortlessly cool than us humans could ever dream of.

Tony Hawk's Pro Security.

Reddit | heidiblooms

Skateboarding may not be a crime, but stealing someone's deck certainly is. This university campus has created a unique system to allow skaters to securely stash their boards.

Here's looking at you.

Reddit | radicallysold

At first I thought this guy's hood had built-in cup holders. Then I looked a little closer and realized they were built-in sunglasses, which makes a lot more sense.

It's a sign.

Reddit | Razzzorr

When you cut an onion, you might cry. Then again, when you cut an onion, you just might find a tiny, perfect heart in the middle.


As an enthusiast for oddly-shaped ice cubes, this top hat-shaped ice is totally up my alley. I don't even care if the shape is more efficient or not.

When worlds collide.

Reddit | patriotcommando

There's a bit of a disconnect when you look down at the neck of a bottle of beer to see...the kind of lid you usually get on a can. So long as it opens, I guess...

Swan pepper.

Reddit | sziamizu

No big deal, just a big honkin' yellow pepper with a swan-shaped appendage inside. What is that piece? Is it a whole new pepper or what?

Salt bae.

Reddit | goodintent

We're used to salt coming in tiny grains, or maybe the coarser stuff, but it's rare to see a salt crystal this big. It makes all other salt look fun-sized.

Ground control to major dog.

Reddit | TimSPC

A happy accident caused light beams to form prisms that were cast just so on this dog's face. This pic has major David Bowie vibes.

Soviet quality.

Reddit | So6oring

Say what you will about the tenets of communism, but you can't say that the Soviet Union didn't make some durable products. This wrench is going strong three decades after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

No leprechauns needed.

Reddit | ThePyroPython

If you can find the end of the rainbow, and its promised pot of gold, without a leprechaun's help, you can keep all the treasure for yourself.

Dream Jeep.

Reddit | Strykin77

Someone clearly had one of those violently pink and purple Barbie Jeeps as a kid and wanted to replicate it in the real world.

That isn't how you egg.

Reddit | Jalangaloze

People are always posting pics of weird eggs on the internet. I've never seen a weird egg, personally. After seeing these weird wrinkles, I hope to never encounter something similar.

Easy swallow.

Reddit | SharpieDarpie

This person's meds aren't pill-shaped. They look more like tiny little gumballs. I guess they'll be easier to get down this way.


Reddit | hesDahveed

Everyone loves curly fries, but what does curly fry perfection truly look like? I'm not sure for certain, but this gorgeous fry is a strong candidate.

Extra banana.

Reddit | Willyamus0453

Bananas are a fantastic treat, a potassium-enriched snack that comes in its own wrapper. Sometimes, you might even get as lucky as this person.


Reddit | Happy_Courtney

This hummingbird feeder is casting a shadow that looks like...a hummingbird. It's very on-brand for something explicitly designed for hummingbirds.

Double duty.

Reddit | Dannybrine87

This person noticed that garden hose nozzles can fit on some water bottles. Can you do anything with this knowledge? No. But I guess it's interesting knowledge to possess.

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