People Can't Handle How Much This Rare Yellow Turtle Looks Like Cheese

Every now and then the internet is presented with an animal that baffles it. It could be that the creature is rare and mostly unknown, or that they are doing something we don't usually expect such an animal to do.

Normally, though, they don't go viral for reminding us of completely unrelated foodstuffs.

I'm not talking about the obvious associations between humans, animals, and the food chain.

I'm talking about a rare yellow turtle that looks so much like a Kraft Single that I'm craving a grilled cheese sandwich.

That's not really the reaction anyone expects to have when looking at a turtle.

The turtle in question is an Indian flapshell turtle, which isn't uncommon, but usually doesn't look quite so much like cheese.

Usually, they are brown with yellowish spots, but researchers think that the bright yellow color of this rare variant may be due to the lack of a pigment called tyrosine.

This removes the darker color, revealing the yellow underneath.

This isn't the first time a yellow specimen has been found.

It appears to simply be that the photos of this specific one looks particularly like a slice of American cheese.

Or an egg yolk. That's a common comparison to.

Are we all crazy, or are you salivating a bit at the image too?

h/t: CNET