17+ Crazy Situations That Could Have Been Avoided

There are a lot of baffling and unexpected things that happen on a daily basis, and there are few things that the internet loves more than reveling in such moments!

And so, to distract you from whatever work you're meant to be doing today, please enjoy these 18+ wild situations that could have been avoided!

Speeling Is Very Important!

You would have thought that it would have been quite easy for them to look up how to spell this word, I mean, the word is written not an inch above this sticker.

"Didn't have time to read it I guess?"

"What does that license plate say?"

"Hmm, I can't read it."

"Get a little closer and see what it says!"

"My favorite photo I've ever taken is of a kid tripping into $100k car."

I can't help but imagine that there must be a parent just out of shot with their hands on their head, screaming, "Nooooo!"

Dammit, Snickers!

Well, that's what you get when you choose a Snickers over M&M's, the far superior snack!

"I made a mistake."

They need to scrape this off and make some impromptu smores! What a delightful outcome from something so horrific-looking.


"Hey, the car you're dragging is upside down!"

"Look, I'm not paid to flip cars, I'm paid to drag 'em!"

"Oh the irony!"

I mean, they always say that you should remember to tip your delivery guy, but this might be a little too literal.

"Someone hit my mail box and drove off."

All I want to know here is what in God's name this person's mailbox is made of! You only have to breathe near my mailbox and it falls down.

There Was An Attempt To Pass This Test...

Who says that you can't just white out a question you don't want to answer? Did it say that anywhere on the test? Didn't think so!

"He LIES. I can confirm!"

I have frankly never thought about the possibility of naming a cat after a type of bread, and I absolutely love this idea.

"Pulled up next to a truck at the store, and well..."

Whatever you may want to say about the idiocy of the guy who strapped this in, you cannot fault the amazing strength demonstrated by that hook!

"Hey God, me again..."

That's going to be one hell of an interesting trip home for this person! I don't know if my heart could handle a moment as stressful as this.

"My friend got his tux in and sent me a pic. I had to bring it to his attention what was going on in the background."

This is yet another example of why people need to stop taking pictures in bathrooms! Why do so many people do it?!

"My buddy came across this guy doing 75mph down I-294 a few years ago."

"Dad, why does it feel like we're going so much faster than we are?"

"The added element is fear, son! Yeehaw!"

"Shoutout to my mom who very kindly brought me 'dumbells' [...] turns out these are old Soviet-era hand grenades."

Hey, if it's heavy, it can count as a dumbbell! A very dangerous dumbbell!

"My toddler found a white ink pad and immediately turned into Saruman."

I can't put my finger on it, but there's something very creepy about their artistic execution here.

"I was sent 75 pounds of lube today instead of the meal kit I ordered."

You may not have food, but you now have the power to free yourself from the laws of friction.

"[...] going on a date.. first time meeting him and we’re going in my car... should [I] leave Gregory home or put him in the back seat??"

Back seat. He needs to know that Gregory is part of your life, and if he can't accept that it's time to move on.

"My wife after a 13 hour nursing shift [...]."

Yeah. Yeah. That's fair. Lend her a hand if you can, she clearly needs the drink.

"Someone thought I'd died because I quit Facebook and sent my family a sympathy card."

What a world we live in where people think deleting one's Facebook account means they've died. No other possibility.

"I used to work at target 4 years ago and I was notorious for forgetting my name badge and 'borrowing' someone else's. Just Found these. Lmk if you want your name badge back."

Yes, it is I, New Team Member, I'd love my tag back, thanks.

"The irony was strong with this one!"

Every year, hundreds of asshats suffer from this pant-based affliction, do your bit this Christmas and get someone suffering from this a belt!

"My cat jumps to extreme heights and thinks she's Batman."

It's time to find some vigilante mice that she can hunt down.

"Saw this in the grocery store parking lot, guess he didn't want to forget the list."

He's pretty confident if he thinks he won't forget this on the walk from the car to the store.

"We [didn't] have normal thingy to put the corn on so my mom activated mom diy."

There's no more brilliant ingenuity than that which lives inside a DIY mom.

"Stop texting while driving!"

I hope that someone went out and bought a hundred of these stickers and then absolutely covered this idiot's car in them.