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These Wall-Mounted Christmas Trees Are Bringing Holiday Magic To Spaces Of All Sizes

After the year we've had, who could blame you if you're looking to shake things up this Christmas? Whether it's because you're short on space or tired of traditional firs, these wall-mounted Christmas trees are the perfect blend of elegant and cool.

For all of our DIYers looking for a small space project, this one is definitely for you!

These wall-mounted Christmas trees can be as simple or detailed as you want.

Jill Mills is the author of the blog Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons and she posted about the wall-mounted Christmas tree to give people alternative, space-saving ideas for the holidays.

You'd be surprised how many options there are and how limitless the possibilities can be.

It's best to plan out ahead of time how you want to get started. Just remember, there isn't really any going wrong either way.

If you're looking for something a bit more DIY, then you may prefer to head to the dollar store or an art store, and start assembling pieces.

However, Jill also explained that people can start with a pre-made wall-mounted tree.

Assemble these wall-mounted Christmas trees with ease.

Let's face it, most of us don't look forward to the stress of setting up a regular-sized Christmas tree — it can be a lot of work, not to mention money.

For those of you who feel this pain, rest assured that mounting a tree to the wall is actually an easy process.

Naturally, there are loads of videos on YouTube with step-by-step instructions for the DIYers among us, while the pre-assembled ones come with very easy to follow instructions.

You may just find yourself drinking to enjoy the sight of your tree instead of drinking because your tree has taken so much time and effort.

Don't forget your decorations!

No matter how you decide to get your wall-mounted tree, don't forget that decorating is still a big part of the fun.

You could even take it up a few notches with DIY ornaments to add to your DIY wall-mounted tree; it can be as bold as you want.

So, turn on your favorite holiday tunes and get ready for one truly merry time as you celebrate.

These trees may be small, but they have a huge presence.

Jill shared her idea on Facebook and the reception was amazing. People with both small spaces and large are already trying these wall-mounted trees and falling in love.

The pre-made ones are on Amazon for around $20 and $80 on Grandin Road.

If you make a DIY wall-mounted tree or buy one online, let us know what you think in the comments.

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