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These Mistletoe Margaritas Will Have You Ready To Smooch After Some Hooch

Mistletoes aren't just a fun excuse to give our sweethearts kisses anymore, they also make for some festive and fun margaritas.

Kisses may come and go, but a good margarita recipe is forever, and we're ready to drink these all Christmas season long.

Whether it's on the rocks or blended, these mistletoe margaritas look like they'll do the trick for all of your holiday needs.

Let's drink these underneath the mistletoe.

The basic ingredients are cranberry, lime, and mint, and tequila of course. To top it off, you'll need whole cranberries, some granulated sugar, and for extra fun, a sprig of mistletoe to show some affection for these margaritas. (But please don't ingest the mistletoe — it's just there for garnish!)

Don't be afraid to substitute any ingredients if needed, or add as much tequila as you want.

This Christmas, the fireplace isn't going to be the only thing that's lit.

Just because Christmas has to be socially distanced this year, doesn't mean it can't be a blast. Your loved ones will be feeling very jolly if you bring these mistletoe margaritas to the party.

If you're also just tempted to make a few for yourself, you're not alone!

Let's mix things up this holiday season.

This recipe is great with both silver or gold tequila, it really depends on your own personal tastes.

For all of you rebels out there, or people who just can't make up their minds, we totally won't judge you if you mix them together.

Let the merry happy hour begin.

Whether you opt in or opt out of hanging some mistletoe this year, we think it's probably a pretty darn good idea to try these margaritas.

If you give them a try, we'd love to know what you think. Extra points if you have any stunning drink pictures to share.

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