15+ Surprises People Were All Too Pleased To Find

I've never been a fan of surprises. Surprise parties, gifts I'm not told about, spontaneous plans, I'm not about it. I just like to know what to expect.

That being said, I think if I found any of the surprises on this list, I wouldn't mind it so much. They're pretty cool, after all.

"My pup dug up a truffle in the backyard."

It's dawning on me that I don't know what a truffle is. I thought this dog had dug up a chocolate truffle but that doesn't seem right.

"This book I bought on amazon was printed yesterday."

Like produce, fresh books are always best, they have a way longer shelf life.

"This waterfall looking decoration is actually an urinal at a random gas station stop."

This is awfully intricate. Are you sure you didn't just pee in a waterfall decoration and try to play it off?

"Found a Snoopy house on my walk."

The Snoopy only adds to what looks like a gorgeous house, the color is so pretty!

"Beautiful drawing... inside a zucchini."

Please don't let foodies on Instagram see this. Their kitchens, appliances, and meals are already nicer than mine. I don't need to add produce to that list.

"The wallpaper hidden behind my kitchen cabinet found during a remodel."

You better tell me that you kept it. It's so cute, so whimsical, who wouldn't want to cook in here!

"This Full Sized Barbie Jeep."

Whoever owns this is truly living their best life. If I could have a super bright and kitschy car like this, I would.

"General relativity for babies."

Introduce your children to the complexities of life early, make sure they get a head start on the whole existentialist thing.

"These tiny doors at at [sic] pediatrics office."

Catch me trying to fit through the children's' door so I can feel a moment of childhood magic again.

"Someone cut these posters [revealing] how much layers there are."

I'm patiently waiting for the satisfying video of someone cutting through all these and peeling them off.

"This cat’s weirdly splotchy eyes."

Her eyes are gorgeous! They remind me of dirt and sand, like archeology dig sites, hiding secrets.

"Found a heart in my Onion."

Sorry onion, no matter how you feel about me, you're still going to end up in my stir fry.

"My possessed zippo lighter."

Now you can help three people who ask for a light at once!

"I just noticed this manhole on my street has a built in compass."

In case you ever lose your way in the middle of an industrial street and can only use cardinal directions to find your way!

"This spinach tells you the name of the farmer who grew it."

Yes, thank you Nigel but forgive me for pointing out that this spinach is labeled "mild and tender." Who uses those descriptions for spinach?

"So apparently garden hose nozzles can fit on water bottles..."

Nothing I could say could beat one of the comments on the original post, "Ok, so, now that means they'll also fit on coke bottles. We finally have a way to weaponize coke and mentos!"

"My mom found this interesting looking car while exploring New Orleans in the early 1990s."

Yeah, 'interesting' is one way to put it. I, personally, would go with 'delightfully ugly.'

"My cut papaya has a flower pattern."

Who needs a bouquet to give to your lover when you can just give them a plate of cut papaya!

"Melted park bench."

Modern art thought to be caused by natural disaster, or natural disaster now turned modern art?

"A clear piece of ice I found in my dogs outdoor water bowl."

It's a good thing you found that before your dog got their tongue stuck on it!