10+ Genius Products That Will Squeeze In More Kitchen Storage Space

If you're blessed with a huge kitchen space, I'm really envious of you. I, unfortunately, have such limited real estate there that it forces me to utilize every nook and cranny.

Therefore, I'm always on the lookout for products and gadgets that can help me store things in the kitchen more efficiently. I think these wonderful items below do just that and more.

1. This Stackable Can Organizer


If you're lucky enough to have a separate pantry, that's awesome. Having said that, you still need to keep it well-organized, no? This awesome stackable can organizer can help you do that. Check out how neat that looks.

2. This Countertop Wine Rack

I sadly had to get rid of my countertop wine rack because we simply don't have the counter space to spare. But if you do, then it's such a great solution for all those bottles of wine you've collected.

3. These Floating Wooden Shelves

On second thought, if you don't have the necessary counter space, you can do something like this instead. These floating wooden shelves can display your bottles of wine or any other kitchen items you have.

4. This Two-Tier Lazy Susan

Who else is a fan of lazy susans? I absolutely love them. We have one to store all our spices and it's such a great help — especially when you're looking for that special spice when you're cooking your masterpiece.

5. This Kitchen Drawer Organizer Insert

If you haven't gotten yourself a kitchen drawer organizer insert, you're missing out. This helpful tool will help you keep all your cutlery neat and tidy. No more searching for that electric knife when it's time to carve the turkey.

6. This Three-Tier Counter Corner Shelf Organizer

As I said, in my tight kitchen I need to utilize every nook and cranny or a corner for that matter. This three-tier counter shelf organizer is such a fabulous idea. Isn't it?

7. This Under-The-Sink, Two-Tier Shelf Organizer Rack

I gotta confess something to you: My kitchen under-the-sink area is usually quite a mess. I've got stuff all over the place there. So, I really need to look into getting this type of expandable shelf organizer rack.

8. This Wall-Mounted Bag Organizer

Speaking of the under-sink area, that's usually where all my bags are stored. This isn't the best idea because they tend to just get thrown in there. This wall-mounted bag organizer is a much better solution for it.

9. These Airtight Storage Containers

If you're like me, you prefer to store things in airtight containers versus their boxes and bags. Well, in that case, you ought to get yourself a set like this and you'll be organized in no time.

10. These Plastic Jar Gripper Clip Strips

Oh my, how is it that I've never heard of these? Frankly, I can't believe it. They look like they would be a fantastic solution to affix more stuff onto your kitchen cabinet doors.

11. This Lid Organizer Rack For Pots And Pans

Is it just me or do you find it hard to find space for all those frying pans and their lids? I tell you, a rack organizer like this one is a must.

12. Over-The-Sink Dish Rack

I gotta admit, I've always wanted to get an over-the-sink dish rack like this one. That way I can have both of my sinks free. Right now my dish rack sits over one of them and that's not ideal.

13. These Food Storage Containers

Another confession time, my fridge is usually quite a mess, ha, ha. I have to get a grip on it sooner or later. Perhaps getting these food storage containers would be the step I need to take.

14. These Egg Holders

If you raise chickens, or if you just need something a little nicer than the usual egg carton, these egg trays will do the job. You'd be surprised at how much room you could free up in your fridge with one of these.

How fabulous are all these kitchen storage ideas, huh? I absolutely love them.

They have given me so many more options to get the space in my kitchen organized better. What's your favorite kitchen storage solution? Please share it with all of us.