17+ People Who Didn’t Realize What They’d Photographed Until Later

The beauty of taking a photograph can sometimes be analysing the background and finding unexpected gems in the wild!

From extremely disapproving dogs to misfortunate high-jumpers, please enjoy these 17+ people who didn't realize what they'd photographed until later.

"The way this dog is looking at Jimmy Fallon. They got beef."

I would like to know both why this dog looks so angry at Jimmy Fallon and why Jimmy Fallon looks like he is in a stoner flick about a wacky, shambling thirtysomething going into teaching for the first time.

It Sort Of Overshadows The Rest Of The Picture...

Our shadows are meant to always have our back, not betray us to the camera! Disgraceful!

"Look at how long this gummy worm I found is!"

Yep, that certainly is one very long gummy worm, absolutely nothing else to see here...for the sake of my own peace of mind.

"When you see it..."

But, why would they ever have that sign made in the first place? I spent so long checking all of the paintings before I saw it.

"Girlfriend caught a pickpocket in action."

Wow, I can't tell what's worse, the pickpocketing or how depressed this guy looks on his birthday.

"High jump face plant!"

"Nope, there's nothing in here, it's just more mat."

"Thank you for that Dave, very thorough!"

Her Soul Must Be Captured In The Mirror!

"Mom, why don't you come and play with us?"

"Why did you say 'us' sweetie?"

"We can play with the girl trapped in the mirror!"

"Yep, I'm going to go right ahead and throw that away now darling."

"I was stood taking a photo of my girlfriend in the sea, then realised so was every other Instagram boyfriend."

Wait, are you telling me that there are unoriginal photographs on Instagram? Jesus, this is baffling!

Conquering Their Fears...

This brave man wrote, "I'm deathly afraid of heights... I went to the Skydeck at the Willis Tower [and] slowly inched my back to the edge, mustered up all composure I could and took a pic. I thought I nailed it until I saw the photo."

Excellent Work With The Laptop Guys...

I hope that this was just an attempt to hide a logo for national TV as otherwise, this police department has some serious problems.

"I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!"

"Hey, human being, look how strong I am! I can push these trees apart, don't mess with me!"

Well, That's Bad Timing!

Always check the backgrounds of your photos before taking them! This is just further proof that selfie sticks lead to terrible things!

"Behind the scenes Star Wars photo shows Greedo wearing high heels. That was unexpected."

Apparently, it was a woman called Maria De Argon who played Greedo in the close-up shots. Also, why can't insectoid space assassins wear high heels? Don't be so narrow-minded!

"The art in the background makes appear like my 1yo daughter is holding some kind of melee weapon."

Can you imagine not seeing this and then posting it to social media, people would be up in arms about it!

"Bae caught me slippin'!"

Looks more like you caught yourself "slippin'" more so than anything here, lying beneath your blanket of lies and potato chips!

"That moment your camera focuses on a horse's butt instead of your face."

I mean, it's a great picture of that horse's ass really, and the animal in the background is wonderfully in focus.

"Went to a petting zoo. Friend got stepped on by a pig. I couldn't have planned these pictures if I'd tried!"

It looks like this Emu is looking into the camera and saying, "Did he get her yet? Did he stand on her? How did it look? Can I turn around now?"

"Me at five years old. When you see it."

I can't believe that this little girl in the pink dress is trying to hog the picture when you're posing all nice there on the left!

"This man saved our dog. You can see our cat jumping out the window."

That cat was probably trying to stay inside the house for as long as possible to spite the family, and this is the moment that it just gave up.

Always Beware Of Reflections!

Those are some very white briefs! Taking a picture of a reflective surface always throws up so many problems!