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Walgreens Has 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Decorations To Make Your Holidays Spooky And Bright

Let's be honest, Disney's Nightmare Before Christmas is the best Halloween/Christmas hybrid movie, and as such, it's not surprising that it would inspire some of the best holiday ornaments, all of which are available at Walgreens.

The movie has long been a cult classic thanks to its unforgettable music, animation, and charm that has left many of us with warm chills.

These decorations are both festive and faboolous.

People are on the hunt because the selection at Walgreens is frighteningly fabulous. From nutcrackers to slippers, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

The best part is, you never know which new decorations you'll see in the next Walgreens!

Don't wait for Sandy Claws to bring these to you.

There are Nightmare Before Christmas mugs, scarves, figurines, Christmas trees, and so much more.

People are heading to YouTube and showing off their hauls, too.

Tis the season to be shockingly jolly.

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Let's face it, we all have at least one friend that is beyond obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it's time to send them the perfect gift, or gifts!

After all, when the whether is cold and everyone is staying in this winter, there's nothing like being comfy as you and your loved ones watch the classic film surrounded by the best decor that can be found.

Let's sled into celebration.

Head over to your local Walgreens immediately, and maybe even hit a few that aren't in your area to find some special treasures.

The supplies vary in price and just like the season, they will not last for too long.

If you score some amazing Nightmare Before Christmas Walgreens finds, tell us about them in the comments!

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