Jessa Duggar Faces Backlash After Putting Up Her Christmas Tree Before Halloween

It's safe to say the Duggar family has its fair share of controversial opinions. From the conservative dress codes that their daughters must adhere to, to the strict rules around dating, it's no wonder many people don't agree with the Duggar family's rules.

However, one thing I can agree with daughter Jessa Duggar about is her eagerness to celebrate Christmas.

Jessa Duggar is one of the eldest daughters of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Jessa tied the knot with hubby Ben Seewald back in 2014 and the couple share three children together, four-year-old son Spurgeon, three-year-old son Henry, and one-year-old daughter Ivy Jane.

The 27-year-old keeps her 2 million Instagram followers updated on her daily life as a mom and wife.

Her candid and honest posts are a huge hit with parents everywhere!

However, Jessa is facing some backlash after it was revealed she put up her Christmas tree before Halloween was even OVER!

Of course, it's no secret a lot of people feel some ~type of way~ about when Christmas is "allowed" to start.

While some argue it shouldn't be until AFTER Thanksgiving, some try to hold off until December 1!

However, it's mostly agreed upon that one should wait until AT LEAST after Halloween!

However, it seems Jessa Duggar and her family are marching to the beat of their own drum, and put up their Christmas tree before Halloween was over!

It was revealed on Jessa's husband's Instagram that the couple had put up their tree this past weekend.

"She couldn't wait," hubby Ben captioned the festive pic.

"It’s waaaaaaaaay too early to be in the Christmas Spirit It’s only October," commented @flipperygibblets.

"No respect for veterans and those who died for your freedom that you can't even wait to Remembrance Day," agreed @mccauleymaryfrances.

However, many fans were quick to defend the couple. Replying directly to @mccauleymaryfrances, one fan, @laura.e.v, wrote, "putting up Christmas decorations doesn’t actually DO anything to support the troops or veterans. What do you actually do in the year to support these folks? Going to a parade or wearing your poppy is just simply not enough. And Christmas decorations is neither here nor there in that conversation."

User @thall1966 agreed, writing, " I am the mother to a veteran and having my tree up early does not in any way show disrespect for my son!!!!! I’m a proud mother and very thankful for his service. To each their own. "

What do you think of Jessa's tree timing? Let us know in the comments below!