Queen Of Christmas Mariah Carey Announces The Holiday Season Has Officially Begun: 'It's Time'

Do you know what makes everyone happy? Christmas music. No, no. That's not a question. It's just a fact.

Sure, some people get sick of certain songs (can't relate) or don't want to hear it 24/7 for the entire month of December (again, can't relate) but there's no denying the people love the festive music!

And no one can tell me it's too early to start listening to Christmas music on repeat because the QUEEN OF CHRISTMAS, Mariah Carey, told us IT'S TIME!

Mariah LOVES reminding us that Christmas is HER season. To be fair, what would the holiday season be WITHOUT "All I Want For Christmas Is You"?!

Every year, the 50-year-old takes to social media to remind fans Halloween is OVER, and it's time for CHRISTMAS!

This year was no different, as Mariah posted a video of a ~spooky~ man opening a cobweb-covered door labelled "NOT YET" only to reveal Ms. Carey herself!

Of course, the queen of Christmas was all decked out in festive PJ's and fake snow.

"It's time!" she exclaims, before throwing the fake snow in the air. I truly cannot wait to start decking my HALLS!

Are you going to start celebrating Christmas ASAP?! Let us know in the comments below!