Fans Are Angry After Learning Prince William Contracted COVID-19 A Month After Making Fun Of It

Prince William is facing backlash after news broke that the 38-year-old had contracted COVID-19 back in April.

As you may remember, a video of the Prince went viral earlier this year after he was seen calling the COVID-19 precautions "dramatic" and being "hyped up" by the media.

Now, fans can't stop dragging Prince William for the HYPOCRISY of it all!

I know it was SO long ago, but let's all think back to March.What we were doing, who we were before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

For some people, they questioned and criticized COVID-19 safety measures. For others, they followed global news outlets and knew the government needed to take such dramatic precautions.

Regardless of how people responded, most people were able to do it from the comfort, and privacy, of their own home. Unfortunately for Prince William, he was *not* one of those people.

So when the BBC recently revealed that the prince had contracted COVID-19 back in April, Twitter began mocking him.

*The Sun* reported that the prince had "pretty severe" symptoms.

The publication reported that William's wife, Kate Middleton, and the couple's three children, did not contract the virus.

Twitter users were quick to bring up the viral video from March of Willam joking about the virus and calling the whole pandemic "dramatic."

In the video, you can hear Prince William say, "It does seem quite dramatic about the coronavirus. It is being a little hyped up, do you think, in the media?"

He then jokes about himself and his wife giving people coronavirus.

It's safe to say this video aged like milk.

Twitter users then began asking why Kate Middleton didn't catch the virus, which lead to lots of catty speculation.

"Wow, that’s incredibly disappointing. I feel Harry is the one with way more humanitarian experience and probably took it seriously early on," remarked @Phantomsunset.

Others mocked the fact that some people would *OF COURSE* blame angel-faced Meghan Markle for William's COVID.

Let me just be clear and say I can literally PROMISE MEGHAN HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

Fans also began to point out the hypocrisy of fans getting angry with Prince Harry and Meghan for wanting to have a private christening for Archie, but are cool with the fact that William kept his COVID from everyone and said NOTHING!

"I expect more to come out from this story. The excuse for not revealing it is laughable, also making him appear full of himself, people everywhere calling him out," argued Twitter user @ShakeLS.

Twitter user @qsteph made an interesting point, tweeting "Meghan Markle's treatment by the UK press and British Royal Family will stay with me, especially when pregnant."

"She was expected to show every inch of her uterus but Prince William can hide COVID-19 & alleged affairs."

However, not everyone was ready to attack the prince.

"While this seems like an insensitive comment at first, just remember that this was how about 95% of people in this country, myself included, were acting around the time, cause we didn't think of Corona as anything serious nor did we really want to admit it might actually affect us," tweeted @LankyToastBoi.

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Social media sleuths scrolled through old posts from the Kensington Royal Instagram page.

"Is this not Prince William pretending to deliver food with his children for a photo op to elderly people... in April," asked @SussexPrincess.


"Imo there is a far more serious reason they didn't reveal it. They would have to say where he contracted it."

They continued: "And how come Kate didn't get it? The kids? Its very strange. Also it shows how the palace lied. Raises questions about how many times they lied to cover things up?"