Ron Howard Celebrates The 50th Anniversary Of His First Date With His Wife

Anniversaries can be the happiest or the saddest days in a relationship — it's the happiest when your partner remembers and celebrates and cherishes your time together (as they should) but it can be the saddest (for them) if they forget.

Ron Howard just showed up pretty much every husband in the world, and they're gonna have to work hard to catch back up!

Most of us remember Ron Howard as the adorable Richie Cunningham on *Happy Days*.

He was so cute and so sweet on the show, and tons of our teenage hearts grew three sizes thinking about how he would probably make just the best boyfriend ever!

Of course, now he's better known as an established film director (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Solo, Frost/Nixon), but for us, he'll always be little Richie Cunningham!

Ron recently made pretty much every husband on earth look bad as he celebrated the 50th anniversary of his first date with his wife.

"Nov 1 1970 Cheryl & I went on our 1st date," he wrote. " We went to see a re-release of Stanley Kramer’s It’s a Mad Mad Mad World and then got some pizza at now defunct Barnone’s in Toluca Lake."

We don't think our partners remember what we did last weekend, let alone our first date!

"Quite a start, right?" he continued.

"Today we are celebrating with these kind of socks we ordered (Cheryl’s w/my mug got held up) and a trip to our local take-out pizza place," Ron wrote alongside a picture of himself wearing socks with Cheryl's face on them.

We can probably imagine how asking our husbands to wear our face on their socks would go.

Maybe at least they'd remember to pick their dirty socks up off the floor if they had our faces staring back up at them!

We're not going to hold our breath on that one.

"We’ll be driving in the same ‘70 VW Bug I picked Cheryl up in 5 decades ago."

"It runs great. So do we," his post finished.

This is one of the most romantic things we've ever seen! We're hoping that Ron and Cheryl have many more years of happiness ahead of them. Please feel free to send this article on to any long-term relationship partners you might have, and we'll spell the message out for them: HINT HINT!