Quotes About Dads That Are Better Than Their Jokes

You know, I'm usually the person who questions stereotypes, since they often seem strangely specific compared to the size of the population they encompass, but like, what is up with dads?

You know how people say that becoming a mom brings out a woman's "maternal instincts"? Does it also bring out the bad jokes and fanny packs secretly hidden away within every man's DNA?

Because seriously, my dad checks almost every box in the stereotype list and so do many other dads I know.

For a decade every weekend trip out shopping involved my mother pretty much begging him to change into something other than his favorite purple sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Yes, purple. And they weren't even the same shade. They were clashing purples!

Over the years, they got more and more holes and paint splatters on them from household projects, but he still kept on wearing them every Saturday.

Eventually, I just stopped seeing them and I secretly believe that my mother threw them out — or burned them in effigy.

I'm 99 percent sure he's still wearing the same fanny pack, though. Unless he bought more than one to replace them as they ran out.

I don't even hear my parents arguing in the car anymore.

You'd think that living elsewhere for a decade would have lessened my immunity, but now when I travel with my family, it barely registers when Dad tries to beat a yellow light and Mum verbally murders him for it.

My sister and I just roll our eyes the same way we always have, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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