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Crochet A Christmas Tree Hat For Baby And They'll Fir Sure Look Adorable

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, for spreading joy, and perhaps most importantly, for putting those who cannot articulate an argument into hilarious seasonal outfits. (We're looking at you, human and pet parents.)

Let's be honest, it's never too soon for Baby to get into the festive spirit, especially because he/she can't even read a calendar. And we can't think of a cuter way to usher them into Christmas season territory than with one of these little crochet Christmas tree hats.

These patterns are perfect for not only keeping Baby's head warm during the chilly holiday season, but also helping spread the Christmas cheer — and chuckles.

Every baby should have a Christmas tree hat. Then all the babies should get together and be photographed as the cutest Christmas tree forest you ever did see.

Etsy | TooCuteCrochet

These patterns come in sizes for a variety of babies of different ages, ranging from newborn to 12 months. (You know, the age when they can't fight you on it.)

They also have options for toddlers, kids, teens, and adults. But we truly wish you the best of luck convincing your teenager (or your spouse) to wear one of these.

Oh, Christmas tree. Oh, Christmas tree. How lovely are your details.

Etsy | TooCuteCrochet

These trees are made with an easy beading technique. The patterns come with a tutorial that guides crocheters through the reverse single crochet stitch. It sounds difficult, but it's actually ideal for beginners.

With this easy to pick-up pattern, there's plenty of time to mix and match with fun details and colors. But please, oh, please, add a crochet star to the top!

Everyone in the family needs their own Christmas tree hat. Can you imagine the Christmas card?!

Etsy | TooCuteCrochet

It's recommended that you have some basic crochet experience under your belt for these hats, but once that's done, the true magic begins.

Having a whole family of Christmas tree hats would make some of the cutest pictures we've ever seen, not to mention warmth from all the cold. And the card possibilities. Oh, the card possibilities!

Get ready to rock a Christmas tree hat.

People who've tried these patterns are raving, and they're not the only ones. We are in love with these patterns and can't wait to give them a try. Where all the babies at?

These patterns are available on Etsy for around $5.00.

If you make one of these Christmas tree hats for your baby, yourself, or anyone else, let us know in the comments. And please send us a picture, especially if it's on your little one!