10+ Celebrity Feuds That Hurt Movies

Just like all the rest of us, celebrities don't always love all of their co-workers. While some actors hit it off and have great chemistry, others can't stand each other at all.

In fact, there have been many feuds between celebrities that impacted filming, and sometimes these actors acted in shocking ways!

Here are 10+ times that feuds between celebs hurt movies.

Richard Gere and Debra Winger in *An Officer And A Gentleman*

While this might be an extremely romantic film, the two leads didn't like each other at all.

Debra Winger even told The Guardian that her co-star was like a "brick wall." Despite their hatred of one another, this negative energy somehow translated to great on-screen chemistry.

The actors for R2-D2 and C-3PO in *Star Wars*

These lovable androids from Star Wars might be totally endearing on-screen, but actors Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels bickered in real life.

The actors just really didn't like each other. The relationship got off to a bad start from the very beginning when Daniels rejected Baker's greeting.

Richard Dreyfus and Robert Shaw in *Jaws*

The characters these two actors were playing weren't supposed to like each other anyway, so this feud at least matched the tone of the film.

Apparently, Shaw would often make fun of Dreyfus for his weight which truthfully is really uncalled for.

Shelley Duvall and *The Shining* director Stanley Kubrick

Duvall found working with Kubrick so miserable that she told Roger Ebert in an interview that the experience was "almost unbearable."

He was cruel to her and would make her cry for hours on end and try to stress her out in order to make her performance seem authentic.

Faye Dunaway and Roman Polanski in *Chinatown*

This is a well-known feud. Both the actress and the director couldn't stand one another while working on Chinatown.

Polanski said in a Der Spiegel interview that Dunaway was "very difficult" to work with. However, Polanski was rumored to be frustrating in moments, too.

Lars von Trier and Björk in *Dancer in the Dark*

Most people don't realize that Björk was in a movie named Dancer in the Dark because it was her only movie.

This was because of her experience with director Lars von Trier. They both were reportedly awful to each other, and she even spit on him at one point!

Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones in *Batman Forever*

These two had personalities that just didn't mix well.While playing villains in the film, Tommy Lee Jones had a gripe with Jim Carrey because Dumb and Dumber did better a the box office than his film Cobb.

This seems like a pretty petty reason, but that's Hollywood for you.

Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J in *Any Given Sunday*

These two celebs both starred in the football drama, but things got out of hand when LL Cool J took a fight scene from the film too far.

He started punching Jamie Foxx for real which lead to an actual fight. Police were even called!

James Franco and Tyrese Gibson in *Annapolis*

Most people don't even remember this film from 2006, but James Franco took his method acting approach too far while filming with Tyrese Gibson.

In the final season, the characters have a boxing match, but Franco admits to not pulling his punches. Gibson was understandably disturbed by this.

Ben Affleck and David Fincher in *Gone Girl*

While Fincher and Affleck mostly got along while filming Gone Girl, Affleck didn't want to wear a Yankees hat in a scene because of his real-life love of the Boston Red Sox.

He ended up compromising with director David Fincher and wore a New York Mets hat.

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in *Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?*

These two have a well-known rivalry that has lasted for decades. When filming the 1962 classic Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, the actress found creative ways to lash out.

David even kicked Crawford in the head while filming a scene. Now that's taking things too far!

Lucy Liu and Bill Murray in *Charlie's Angels*

This feud started because Bill Murray had a problem with Liu's level of professionalism.

During one point of filming, he asked Liu, "what in the hell are you doing here? You can't act!" Liu got so upset she started throwing punches, and these two got into a physical altercation.

Julia Roberts and director Steven Spielberg in *Hook*

Julia Roberts played Tinkerbell in this adaptation, but Steve Spielberg didn't enjoy the experience and called her difficult to work with.

Roberts was hurt by these comments and said in a Vanitry Fair an interview that she "couldn’t believe this person that I knew and trusted was actually hesitating to come to my defense."

Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts in *I Love Trouble*

These two didn't get along very well on set, and they even had to use stand-ins as much as possible to keep from fighting.

Julia Roberts even told The New York Times that while he was sometimes "charming", Nolte was also "completely disgusting."

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in *The Notebook*

The Notebook is one of the most beloved romance films ever, but these real-life co-stars had a love-hate relationship that mirrored that of their characters.

They would constantly yell at one another, and Gosling wanted McAdams to leave the set at one point. Funnily enough, they actually grew to like each other and even dated!

Dennis Hopper and Rip Torn in *Easy Rider*

There are a few different stories about this feud. Hopper claims Thorn threatened him with a knife over the script, but Torn said the reversed had happened.

Either way, it went to court, and Torn won the lawsuit and was awarded $475,000.

Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger in *Terms Of Endearment*

Apparently, Debra Winger was unprofessional on set, which MacLaine was not happy about.

They were both clashing and annoyed with one another, and because of that, made the environment tense for everyone involved in the movie.

Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone in *The Lords Of Flatbush*

Believe it or not, this feud was mostly be handled fine until Gere climbed into Stallone's car for lunch, and accidentally got grease on his pants.

Stallone was so angry that he threatened to quit!

Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski in *Fitzcarraldo*

Apparently, Kinski made life on set awful. They often fought.

"We had a great love, a great bond, but both of us planned to murder each other. Klaus was one of the greatest actors of the century, but he was also a monster and a great pestilence. Every single day I had to think of new ways of domesticating the beast." Herzog said.

David O. Russell and George Clooney in *Three Kings*

One day on set, Russell went a step too far with an extra, and threw him to the down, and kicked him.

Clooney intervened, saying, “David, it's a big day. But you can't shove, push or humiliate people who aren't allowed to defend themselves,” and then he and Rusell ended up in an altercation.

Val Kilmer and Tom Sizemore in *Red Planet*

Kilmer apparently was annoyed that Sizemore’s gym equipment had been shipped to set.

He told Sizemore, “I’m making ten million on this; you’re only making two,” which made Sizemore throw one of his weights at him!

Wesley Snipes and Ryan Reynolds in *Blade: Trinity*

While they didn't have an outright feud, Snipes apparently did not hold back when he was trying to make Reynolds' life miserable.

This included saying, “that cracker… tell that cracker to get out of my eyeline, tell that cracker to get his lines right,”

William Baldwin and Sharon Stone in *Silver*

They hated each other right away!

Apparently, Stone hated Baldwin so much that she would bite his tongue if they had to make out, and would use mouthwash whenever she had to kiss him.

Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy in *Lawless*

Apparently, LaBeouf felt left out because Hardy was bonding primarily with Jessica Chastain.

There ended up being a fight between them when their tension came to a breaking point, and apparently, they both had to be restained.

David O. Russell and Lily Tomlin in *I Heart Huckabees*

Russell and Tomlin got into cute a few heated arguments, in which Russell completely gives into his temper.

I think we can definitely all agree that he has some kind of issue that he needs to work on!

Christian Bale and Shane Hurlbut in *Terminator: Salvation*

This was all because Shane Hurlbut was in the wrong place at the wrong time during an intense scene.

Christian Bale completely lost his mind, but eventually ended up apologizing for what he did.

Kevin Smith and Bruce Willis in *Cop Out*

Smith has publicly said that Willis is the “unhappiest, most bitter, and meanest emo-[expletive] I’ve ever met at any job I’ve held down.”

He hated working with the actor, and will likely never do so again.

Peter Sellers and Orson Welles in *Casino Royale*

There are a few varying stories about why they didn't get along, but one most told involved Princess Margaret.

Apparently, she came to set and ignored Sellers and only conversed with Welles, which sent him into a fit of rage and got them into a fight.

Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen in *The Magnificent Seven*

Because Brynner was such a huge star, apparently, McQueen was simply jealous of him, and it boiled over into tension that hurt their relationship.

McQueen would constantly try and upstage him during scenes, and it was obvious that he was trying to do so.

Sean Young and Charlie Sheen in *Wall Street*

Apparently, once Young was denied a large role in the film, she became purposely difficult to work with.

Sheen definitely didn't take to that and stuck a horrible sign on her back, which didn't help tension on set.

Norman Mailer and Rip Torn in *Maidstone*

During one scene, Mailer and Torn are supposed to get into a fight, but their tension on set (as they both had tempers) boiled over and they actually got into a real fight!