15+ People Who Are Probably Throwing Themselves A Pity Party Right Now

It isn't a good idea to go around feeling sorry for yourself all the time. But sometimes, a little bit of self pity is more than warranted. If you're feeling badly for yourself right now, take solace in the fact that you're hardly alone.

Curiosity isn't always a good thing.

Reddit | Elua7

This guy stuck his head into a hole in a tree because he wanted to, as he wrote, "just see what's in it." Well, as it turned out, a porcupine was in the tree.

This truck needs stitches.

Reddit | Spencer94

I don't know what could cause the side of a truck to, like, rip open like this. This will make for an interesting job at the body shop.

A tater's a tater.

This is an adorably small potato, one that looks like a miniaturized version of the standard size. Unfortunately, this was the only thing produced by an entire garden over the course of a summer.

Ticking time bomb.

"Just noticed the massive tree next to my house is splitting in half...towards my house," wrote a worried homeowner. Don't worry, cutting down a tree only costs, oh, tens of thousands of dollars or so.

Middle school memories.

Reddit | SayLittleDoMuch

If there's one thing I remember about recess as a kid, it's that we always managed to lose our ball in a way that ensured we'd never get it back.

Just 3D printing things.

The person who posted this says their sister unplugged their 3D printer when only a few layers were left on this job, which had taken 20 hours to that point.

Press F to pay respects.

Reddit | beanie_laddie

This is kind of a nightmare scenario to anyone who's using a laptop to work on a tight deadline. You can't even buy a new adapter, because the plug is now...plugged.

Paintball problems.

Reddit | Aubamacare

Pics like this are why I won't ever play paintball again. You never know how powerful other players' guns might be, and you also never know how bad you might be at the game.

Cheesy mess.

Reddit | Candiido

This tray of macaroni looks downright delicious, assuming it had stayed in its tray. As things stand, though, no one's getting any mac and cheese tonight.

Send help.

Reddit | T_Sch

"So my roommate managed to lock himself in the toilet around 2 hours ago. After trying everything we had to call the locksmith. Unfortunately, the locksmith is delayed as well so he is going to be stuck there for a while."


Reddit | Jones641

I've had this happen a few times, and it's such a helpless feeling. Want to make a call or get directions or whatever? Too bad. You need a cooler phone to do so.

Unwanted visitor.

Reddit | Noridin

After hearing scratching noises in the bedroom, this homeowner set up a camera and found this. Squirrels may be cute, but you never want them in bed with you.

Fancy seeing you out here.

Reddit | maklol

This scene from the Mediterranean Sea shows the unlikely aftermath of a boat crashing into another boat that was moored in place.

When pies explode.

Reddit | TheGidget007

Here's the thing about dishes: if you leave them on a burner, they might just explode. Before the explosion here, this was a made from scratch pumpkin pie.

A different kind of explosion.

Reddit | joeldor

The person who put these drinks away assumed this was a mini fridge. As it eventually turned out, it was actually a mini freezer.

Sort it out.

Reddit | Myosonami

These glass beads are tiny and plentiful. In fact, there are about 50,000 of them. After spilling them on the ground, all 50,000 of them will need to be sorted by hand.

Cool new aesthetic.

Reddit | gilbertsmith

Anyone who has brushed aluminum electronics, take note of this. If there's a jagged edge or a staple or nail on your work surface, this kind of thing can happen.

Not their day.

Reddit | XJay_LuxX

"Even though there were parking spots closer to my apartment (not under a tree), I chose to park further away and let someone else get a better spot. This is how the universe thanked me."

Can't wait to open up Netflix.

Reddit | sizzlekid

I don't know what happened to this newly-delivered smart TV. All I know is that it doesn't look like it'll be displaying anything in the near future.

Time for a new mouse.

Reddit | SalsaMamba

This is what happens when you drop your mouse in a candle: you'll give it a cool new paintjob, but you also won't ever be able to use it again.