Fans Are Concerned After Spotting Selena Gomez's IV Drip During Instagram Live Video

It must be a blessing and a curse to be a celebrity and have fans get concerned for your health at any sign of illness. On the one hand, it might feel invasive, especially if you're not speaking out directly about it, but on the other hand, it must be nice to have so many people care and wish you well!

Selena Gomez has millions of fans.

She boasts a humble 195 million Instagram followers alone, which means that when something could be going wrong, there are a lot of people who take note and get concerned!

The singer, who's been increasingly active on social media to encourage voter turnout in the election, gathered a bit of that attention recently.

Fans became concerned when they spotted an IV drip going into her arm during an Instagram Live video.

While Selena didn't acknowledge the drip, she wasn't attempting to hide it, and it remained visible for much of the stream.

Fans took to social media to express their concerns and to wish Selena good health.

Many fans assumed it has a connection to her Lupus diagnosis.

"Love you I’m kinda worried for you I just saw the iv inserted in your arm. I know lupus is a hard battle for you. I adore you & hope you feel better soon you poor angel," one fan tweeted.

"Look at her arm, I hope you are okay," another added.

Selena has spoken out recently about how having Lupus has effected her during the pandemic.

When it came to doing a mail-in vote for the election, Selena recently revealed, "I had to. I would prefer to do it in person, but, you know, I need to be safe."

We wish Selena nothing but health and happiness!