10+ Dumb Choices Characters Make That Would Never Happen In Real Life

It's impossible to agree with every decision a character makes on TV or in the movies.

Sometimes, these mistakes are small and forgivable And sometimes, the choices are simply too dumb to ignore (THERE WAS ROOM ON THAT DOOR, ROSE).

Take a look at these 10+ dumb choices characters make that would never happen in real life.

When Brad Pitt's character decided to kill the killer at the end of *Seven*.

[New Line Cinema](https: //iahhm.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/seven_primary.jpg)

Sure, the psychopath killed his wife. But by killing him, Brad's character gave in to what he wanted.

Plus, it's very likely that he spent his life behind bars.

When the guys in *Jaws* decided to hunt the world's biggest shark using a small, old boat.

The only good thing about this dumb decision was the fact that it led to the improvised line, "You’re gonna need a bigger boat."

When Star-Lord started beating up on Thanos in *Avengers: Infinity War*.

[Marvel](https: //static.vix.com/es/sites/default/files/s/star-lord-thanos_0.jpg)

This happened right when Mantis had Thanos in a trance that would allow them to remove the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos' hand.

In the end, his mistake cost millions of lives.

When Andy turned down her dream newspaper job in *The Devil Wears Prada* to move across the country and be with her boyfriend who worked at a restaurant.

After everything she went through: working for the devil, putting in those long nights, she gave it up for his famous grilled cheese.

When Michael promised college tuition for all of those kids in *The Office*.

This, ladies and gentlemen, led to the most awkward episode on the show.

He banked on himself being a millionaire and being able to afford this. But in the end, he came up short.

When Kevin stopped to change his tape recorder's batteries in *Home Alone 2: Lost in New York* when the family was rushing to their flight.

He knew the family was late enough for their flight already.

Couldn't he have waited at least 10 minutes?

When they picked up a deranged hitchhiker in *The Texas Chain Saw Massacre*.

On the bright side, this was this movie that taught us that you should never pick up a hitchhiker.

On the downside, we had to watch this insane stranger cut into his palm.

In *Titantic*, when Rose took all the space on the door, resulting in Jack's death.

If my life was on the line, I know that I would have been pushing Rose over to make room on that door. But hey, maybe that's just me.

At the very least, they could have taken turns!

When the parents in *A Quiet Place* let their kids walk behind him.

This is just parenting 101: If you're in the middle of a dystopian world where creatures will attack if they hear you, wouldn't you let your kids walk in front of you so you could see them?

When Beck found out Joe was a killer in *You* and didn't high-tail it out of there.

Instead, she thought that her casual approach would give her enough time to leave.

It didn't and this mistake cost her her life.

When Helen decided to stop when she was being chased by a killer in *I Know What You Did Last Summer*.

If a killer is chasing you, run, and don't stop running!

Helen sealed her fate when she stopped just before hitting a crowded area by trying to see if the killer was still behind her.

When Rose threw the Heart of the Ocean necklace in the water in *Titanic*.

Girl, have you never heard of eBay before?

She could have at least passed the necklace down to her daughter for inheritance. Make it worth something!

When Mr. Shue did nothing after Rachel sent Sunshine to a crack house in *Glee*.

Maybe that's why the Glee cast didn't like Lea Michele.

Either way, it looks like this teacher should have chosen a different profession, that is for sure. Who would have made this decision?

When they decided to live on a noisy farm instead of living near the waterfall in *A Quiet Place*.

Maybe the kids should have been in charge and not the parents since living near the waterfall would have allowed them to live with more freedom.

Better luck next time.

When Howard locked two dangerous men in a bulletproof container for hours in *Uncut Gems*.

Sadly, the character's gambling addiction both paid off and came back to bite him in the end.

He won the money, but he lost his life by pissing off the wrong guys.

When Tadashi decided to run into a burning building in *Big Hero 6*.

This dumb mistake emotionally ruined fans, making it one of the saddest character deaths of all time.

Sure, he died a hero, but he also left his baby brother to go on in the world without him.

When Lex flashed a huge flashlight after a T-Rex escaped in *Jurassic Park*.

Universal Pictures

This might be why this character was so hated throughout the series.

If you see a T-Rex, the deadliest dinosaur there is, maybe the best thing to do is stay hidden.

When Ron and Hermione had a steamy make-out session while Hogwarts was being attacked in *Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows*.


The only thing that makes this scene okay is knowing how much the real-life actors were cracking up over having to kiss.

When Rachel kept buying designer clothes on a waitress salary in *Friends*.


While her love of fashion eventually turned into a career, she was being super irresponsible at the start.

Most of us can't buy "I don't need a job, I don't need my parents, I've got great boots" boots when we have bills to pay.

When Topanga turned down a scholarship to Yale so she could be with Cory at college.

Listen, are they one of the greatest couples of all time? Sure!

But they could have tried doing long distance! Why would anyone give up a scholarship to Yale? It just makes no sense.

When Zora drove in *Us*.

Zora is, for starters, not old enough to drive, and to top it off, has never driven before!

No matter what the situation, I highly doubt this would happen in real life. But hey, anything can happen in the movies.

Harry destroying the Elder Wand in *Deathly Hallows: Part 2*.

Harry choosing to break the Elder Wand is the most annoying thing ever.

Hopefully in real life, if this would happen, someone would use the magic to repair the school that had fallen apart, and fix their own wand!

Singing in *Stranger Things*.

I highly doubt that if the world was ending, someone would take a moment to sing a duet with their pal.

But it happened with Dustin and Suzie in Stranger Things and it led to Hopper's death.

In *Hocus Pocus* when Winifred decided to chase after Danny.

In real life, people who want revenge tend to take a second and remind themselves that two wrongs don't make a right.

In this movie, Winifred went after her dreams, and it led to her demise.

Anna deciding to get married right away in *Frozen*

Whether love at first sight is real or not is up for debate, but Anna's desire to get married to someone she just met would never happen in real life.

But hey, Disney movies can't be three hours long I guess!

Almost every decision Sam and Dean made in *Supernatural*.

Listen, saving the world isn't easy, we all know that.

But over and over again they chose to keep each other alive instead of making the hard decisions to save the world.

To be fair, I'm sure even in real life, this would be a hard decision to make.