Take Off With This Spot-On Jetpack Costume That Looks Like You're Suspended In Midair

If there were a Halloween in which flying away from Earth in a jetpack would be appealing, 2020 is it.

This unconventional jetpack costume makes you appear to be floating in midair.

These hilarious costumes are undeniable conversation starters that we're pretty sure will keep the Halloween party lit all night long.

These inflatable costumes are blowing up all over the internet.


Morph Suits created this unusual costume following their reputation for costumes that are optical illusions.

They are particularly dedicated to creating blow-up suits for occasions like Christmas, sporting events, weddings, and much more.

It's time to blast off.

Made with 100-percent polyester, its own internal fan and a helpful zipper closure for easy removal, these costumes are truly no fuss.

The internal fan requires four AA batteries which are not included. They will ensure the that your jetpack is in full commission for around four hours.

Make sure you're safe before take-off.


The batteries and the fan are connected by an electric cord that need to be set up before you step into the suit.

Your legs should be completely covered by the jet flames in order to formulate the illusion that you're levitating.

This will have to do until we can get our own jetpacks.

While it would be pretty epic to arrive to a Halloween party in a real jetpack, it may also be rather dangerous and expensive.

These jetpack costumes are definitely the way to go, especially because they're probably easier to get into and much comfier than a real jetpack.

So, get ready to take off and be the life of the party. These inflatable jetpacks are available on Amazon for around $20.

Let us know in the comments what you think of these costumes or if you decided to try one out!

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